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Stocks up 25% or more in a month

One of the best way to learn about what works in market is to study the list of stocks up 25% or more in a month. Those stocks represent runaway momentum for a given time frame.

Stocks up 25% or more in a month:

ABXA,ABX Air Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
ACH,Aluminum Corp China (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
AIXD,Access Integrated Tech Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
BIDU, Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CALM,Cal-Maine Foods Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CF,CF Industries Holdings Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CHTP,Chelsea Therapeutics International Ltd (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CLWR,Clearwire Corp Cl A (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CMED,China Medical Technologies Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
COMV,Comverge Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
CVTX,Cv Therapeutics Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
DCP,DynCorp International Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
DXCM,DexCom Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
FSLR,First Solar Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
GHM,Graham Corp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
GM,General Motors Corp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
GTLS,Chart Industries Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
IMMR,Immersion Corporation (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
JASO,Ja Solar Hldgs Co Ads (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
KMGB,Kmg Chemicals Inc. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
KOMG,Komag Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
LDK,LDK Solar Co Ltd (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
LNN,Lindsay Manufacturing Co (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
LPHI,Life Partners Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
LWAY,Lifeway Foods Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
MDVN,Medivation Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
OMTR,Omniture Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
PED,Smartpros Ltd (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
PENX,Penford Corp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
QDEL,Quidel Corp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
RBN,Robbins & Myers Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
RCCC,Rural Cellular Corp (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
RCMT,Rcm Technologies Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
RDNT,RadNet Inc. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
REFR,Research Frontiers Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
RGNC,Regency Energy Partners LP (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
SA,Seabridge Gold Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
SMTX,Smtc Corporation (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
SOHU,Sohu.Com Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
SRDX,Surmodics Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TASR,Taser International Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TBSI,TBS International Limited Class A (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TNH,Terra Nitrogen Co L.P. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TPL,Texas Pacific Land Trust (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TRA,Terra Industries Inc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
TSL,Trina Solar Ltd. (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
WBD,Wimm Bill Dann Foods Ojsc (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
ZNH,China Southern Airlns Co (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

Every week I study this list and note down certain parameters and that input goes in to criteria I use for my methods or stock selection.
  • 33 out of 48 stocks in this list are up 100% or more in last 260 days. That is around 68% of stocks in this list come from stocks up 100% or more universe (Double Trouble).This number ranges between 60 to 70% over long period of time. So buying a stock which has high one year growth increases your odd of bagging a 25% mover in a month
  • Only 1 stock in this list has float above 100 million. That is General Motors GM. 74% have float below 50 million. Again this figure ranges between 70 to 80%. So if you pick a stock with below 50 million float you increase your probability of finding 25% plus movers.
  • 72% of the stocks in this list had an Episodic Pivots in last 65 days which kicked off their runway move. Again over long period of time this figure ranges from 80% to 65%. So if you enter post an Episodic Pivot, you improve your chances of catching runaway move.
  • There are other runaway characteristics these stocks have like they will have 3 or more 4% moves in last 65 days. If you look at Boucher runaway criteria, over 80% of them will satisfy those conditions.
  • One of the best ways to trade is to constantly expose your trading capital to runaway moves.
  • You can listen to others pouting various theories about what works or does not work, or you can develop your own understanding of what works in the market for your own trading time frames. Self evident truth and self discovered market learnings are eaier to trade, as you have high convictions about them. Never buy a blackbox.


SanDiegoFam said...

Lifeway is looking like a great little pick-up stock. Good products, pushing out to a larger consumer base (including children & natural foods consumers). Nice growth over the past few weeks. Take a look at their website;

Andrey said...


Your blog is the source of great advice. Thanks a lot for sharing. Learing new neat things from your blog every week.

Pradeep Bonde said...

LWAY was in EP scan just a day ago. And a buy then. Before that it had 4% breakout signaling a buy. So I already have it.


christmasfern said...

IAX doesnt make the list but it has a good profile for this kind of list. It traded 13% of float on its earnings day. (only 39 mil cap)

Large rev and EPS growth. I think this probably works, theres a growth story here. Looks like it has another leg up. However volume is still pretty low so thats annoying.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I had bought it on earnings day, but it never really took off and volume petered after few days, so I closed my position with small profit.
You are right it might have more upside, probably prior to next earnings season.

Muddy said...

Nice post. We've been testing our
Going Long strategy since the end of January in a paper trading port. There are several posts on my blog on the scan we used and the results so far. Just search "Going Long" in the search box.

Best winners from our first buy list on 1/29 are:

CF up 117%
TRA up 96%
NAVZ up 72%, still holding all 3.

On 7/2 we cut some losers and added BPHX, GTI, GTLS, ICOC, IMMR, KMGB, LPHI.

We are doing real trades now with this strategy for our long term ports.

We bought RRI in March on this scan and are playing a modified Darvas Box strategy. Up 28% so far in 3 1/2 months.

Muddy said...

I also did a variation of this with stocks at or near 52 week highs that had had a breakout of volume/news/earnings. These stocks had not violated the SMA(20) in awhile and most are lower float.

I opened 5 positions out of this watch list on 6/18 and I'm up 8.4% on these. I fund these trades with the daytrading profits every 6-8 weeks.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I saw that.
Winners find many more creative ways to make money. Losers find many more creative ways to not trade profitably.