How to find good setups

If you have proper setups and scans in place, good setups just show up.

If you are serious about making money swing trading learn the language of setups and learn how to scan for ideas.

Opportunities a galore once you have everything in place. 

Visualisation techniques to improve your trading

I spend around 15 minutes on them daily in the morning.
I use same techniques used by athletes.
It is basically a mental exercise where you go through successful trade in your mind multiple times. I visualise how it will show up on scan. How I will quickly enter and put trailing stop. Then how hunt for next setup. I visualise 5k day by 10.30 AM
All this I picked up my sports psychology exercises my daughters coach taught us for her figure skating. Her coach has asked her to mentally rehearse her routine at least 20 times during the day. That has helped her a lot.


TI30 strategy ROKU

TI3 is first 30 minutes trading strategy which looks for quick gains on stocks that dominate first 5 to 10 minutes of trading. It allow you to profit from the morning momentum. Only suitable for active traders. And you need Trade Ideas software to find these kind of trades. Once perfected it is highly profitable setup. 

What is TI30

It is a strategy to profit from stocks with extra ordinary momentum in first 30 minutes.
It looks for a stock that makes 40 new high in few minutes. That is sign of very aggressive buying .
Then I look for quick entry and then trail using depending on price 40 cents to 5 dollars profit.
Often these stocks (especially the higher priced ones ) can make 3 to 15 dollars move in first 30 minutes after showing up in scan.
Requires excellent execution skills and reflexes.
If done right it is free money.


Top 25 best performing stocks of 2019

Top 25 best performing stocks of 2019. YTD winners from first day of trading in 2019

And if you take away low priced stocks below 10 then Top 25 YTD winners. 

15 out of 25 had 4 million plus volume on b/o day.
Best performing stocks have volume footprints at beginning of moves that are 3 to 5 times average volume. And out of whack volume of 10 million plus on breakout days is better.

Contrary to popular beliefs it is not about earnings when it comes to top performing stocks or EPS ratings. Challenge popular assumptions.

Shittiest earnings stocks can make big moves. It is all about catalyst and momentum.

Exit guidelines for swing trades

Exit if a stop is hit. Always use stops. I recommend trailing stops.

Exit on 3rd or 5th day (for $ b/o) if stock does not move much post entry. Most of the momentum bursts have immediate follow through.

Exit at least 50% of position on third or fifth day at close. Have a trailing stop on remaining position to lock in profits.

After your entry next day or same day if the stock goes up 8% or more exit 50% of the position and move trailing stops sufficiently to protect profits.

Exit a stock in pre market or at open if it gaps up 20% or more after your entry next day or third day.

After 3rd day if you want to keep holding keep using trailing stops.

If you use trailing stops it will automatically get you out of position.
These guidelines are based on 20 years of experience swing trading   and making thousands of trades and growing account multi fold.


SQ good breakout

First hit Trade Ideas scanner in first 2 minutes. By the time I could get 5000 shares across accounts it was up 75.5

The Trade Ideas scanner is very powerful tool to find these kind of explosive moves. Also you need to setup right kind of scans to find them early.

Some good breakouts from Monday


Extreme short term bullish readings

Number of stocks up 50% in a month was at 20 on Friday. such high readings tend to lead to pullbacks or corrections.

Last 2 weeks have been good for breakouts as you can see the number of stocks up 25% in a month has gone up from 44 to as high as 129 during last week.