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How to make money tracking High Priced Stocks

Posted on 11/27/2019

AMZN is 5th highest priced stock in market with very good liquidity. These stocks when they move move in 50 to 100 dollars plus swings in few days.
I was watching AMZN last week as it was about to form bottoming setup.

On that day it did not close near high. (This is why I wait till last 2 minutes to buy these kind of setups. If you buy early you can have stock reverse on you as happened in QCOM yesterday). However the next day it showed very good action near last 5 minutes. I was waiting and entered in last 2 minutes for 1745.79.  

When I enter these setups near close I put stops next day before open. In this case my stop was 10 dollars.

Next day morning stock had a gap and kept going up and was up 28 dollar for the day. Stop was moved near close to protect half of days gains.

Yesterday stock again had a gap and I was watching to get out near a round number like 1790. When it came near that price I sold for around 1789 by 9.45. (I would have held this as swing for few days for potential 100 dollar profit per share. but due to my travel decided to take the money and run).

$4300 dollars profit on 100 shares for less than 2 day hold. 10 dollar stop would have been .57% risk.

Find trades with less than 2.5% risk that is my quest. High priced stocks anticipation/reversal often offers you that opportunity.
If you are serious about making money trading , track the top 50 high priced stocks. You can find multiple low risk opportunities like these in them. 

Using Analyst upgrade downgrades to make money

This is something I learned in the Stockbee Advance Bootcamp from one of the Stockbee member who presented this strategy. I modified the strategy to focus only on few stocks.

Analyst upgrades or downgrades or price target change have potential to move stop big on that day or sometimes for weeks or months. I use for this.

PANW had earnings on 11/25/2019 after close. Stock had rallied in to earnings. The earnings were so-so and they guided down. But that was not the reason I got interested. I saw a bunch of analyst lowering price targets and it down pre market on volume.

I like when bunch of 3 plus analyst upgrade or downgrade or up or lower price targets.

So this was worth risking 1 dollar.

Entered using OPG order (also called Market on Open order). As soon as I got entry , it started going down. Put one dollar stop. In next 3 minutes stock was down to 225. Closed position for instant profits of $3 dollars per shares.
Why I like these kind of setups. Risk is very low. At one dollar stop risk was .43%. Instant results, these kinds of plays at open tend to work instantly or stop you out instantly. 

Setup fits in with my objective of finding trades with less than 2.5% risk.

If you are serious about making money trading , there are many low risk ways like these. 

Member Feedback

Thank you Stockbee- 

  1. For your generosity - I can bet my paycheck that Stockbee is the only service that truly focus on sharing without any limitations - be it the methods, the scans, or information sharing within the Stockbee community 
  2. For your efforts - you truly care for your members to make money. How do I know? It’s from your aggressive and to the point mentorship. 
  3. For coming down to beginners level and understanding the difficulty that a beginners go through and providing feedback at our level
  4. For all the hourly webinars - they helped a lot to complete the feedback loop
  5. For the daily newsletters - so many money making ideas on the newsletter ; not only that it gives us ability to understand money generating ideas that we can replicate on our own
  6. For your daily motivational posts - there is ton of great info in those motivational posts 
  7. For your constant encouragement to do our own study and do our own work - day in and day out 
  8. For busting all the myths about traditional market beliefs and encourage us to think outside the box.
  9. For encouraging us to take profits when available and not sit there and dream about buying an island  

For a new trader debating if you should select Stockbee......ask yourself if you want stock picks from a guru or if you want a solid mentor/market wizard who will enable you to stand on your own feet and enable you to generate your own picks ? In other words, do you have the desire to learn how to fish on your own? If so, there is no other place than Stockbee 

Finding low risk trade using anticipation

Posted on 11/26/2019

My overriding objective is to find as many trades as possible with less than 2.5% risk. INGN fits into that category.

This was a trade that made $4300 for two day hold. (it may go up more but I exited due to my planned trip to India)

INGN showed up in Bullish Anticipation Scan on 11/21/2019. But as it was going sideways for many days I decided to put a price alert instead of buying the same day.

As you can see a 70 dollar price range stock with TI above 1.19 and up only 5 cents is what attracted me to this setup. When these setups show up it is like finding free money.
Stock was up 5 cents and high was 71.01 so I put alert at 71.25 for next day. Alert triggered in first few minutes and there was a bit of shakeout . After the shakeout the alert again triggered. I bought 1000 shares between 71.50 to 71.75 for average price of 71.62 with low of day as stop.
Stock closed near high and stop moved to breakeven . Yesterday stock kept going up. Once it crossed 76 it was more than 4 times my risk so sold 80% and moved stop to 76 which was promptly hit.
Bullish Anticipation Scan

I run this scan between 3.30PM to 3.55PM and buy good candidates in the last 2 minutes before close or put price alerts in Interactive Brokers.
Primarily this scan I use to find trades with less than 2.5% risk.

If you want to make boatload of money swing trading master setups like these. There are over 1000 opportunities like these in a year.

How to use reversal setup to make money

TCOM showed up in Reversal Bullish scan on 11/21/2019. I entered at 3.59 just before close. Stop was 40 cents. $400 risk on 1000 shares.

Next day stock gapped up and kept going up . Yesterday it again gapped. Once it crossed 33, moved stop to 33 as that was 5R profit and did not want to give it up. Got out for $2000 profit on $400 risk which in reality was 0 risk as stock just took off the next day and I moved stop to breakeven in first 0 minutes.

Reversal Bullish Scan I use

l=minl5 and (o-l)>(c-o) and (c-l)/(h-l)>=.6 and v>=290000 and c>=5 and minv3.1>=100000

What I look for 

I look for sign of selling exhaustion after scanning. Stock which was lower intraday but recovers and closes near high and where the candle tail is 3 to 5 times the body is what I like .

The trick in trading this setup is reducing down your list to just that 1 or 2 ideas which has a high probability of going up immediately the next day.


Run the Stockbee Reversal Bullish Scan between 3.30 to 3.55 PM.

Select 1 to 3 ideas.

Prioritise ideas likely to breakout next day

Prefer higher priced stocks.

Enter between 3.58 to 4PM or using Market On Close order (MOC)

Put stop of less than 2%.

Move stop to breakeven or breakeven plus few % if it goes up the next day. 

Exit on stop hit if it does not work on 3rd day if it does not move much.

Take profits or trail aggressively once you have profit in multiples of your risk.

Rinse and repeat the next day.

Reason I like this setup is it allows you to find stocks with less than 2.5% risk if bought near low on signal day. And in many trades it is almost 0 risk as entry is in last 2 minutes and many just gap up or get going next day. 

Member Feedback

I've been a member of the Stockbee site for the last five years and will continue to the member forever. 

 Before understanding Pradeep's methodology, I used to take random trades and moving between one setup to another.  I often used to get frustrated with my trading results. Once I started following Pradeep's setups and process, I've been taking trades consistent to predefined setups and have become profitable. I've very high confidence in the trades I take now.  

The important things I learnt from Pradeep are Daily Process and Situation Analysis. Following the daily process for each trade setup has reduced my cognitive load required to execute trades. Now, it has become as simple as eating and driving. The situation analysis has helped me to use the setups that fit with different market conditions. Not every setup works well in all market conditions. The Stockbee Market Monitor and going through recent winners/losers every day helps me aware of current market conditions.  

Another important benefit of the website is the ability to interact with other members through "timeline" feature. I've learnt a lot from other team members. 

The boot camps conducted by Pradeep helped me learnt a lot from him directly and from other members. All in all, it's a number one site for traders who really want to put efforts to become successful.


Member Feedback

Posted on 11/25/2019
If you want to improve your trading, I cannot recommend Stockbee enough. Coming from a real estate investing background, I am very sensitive to people trying to upsell me. This is not the case with Stockbee. 

You have access to a world class trader who teaches you METHODS to succeed. 

Pradeep simply loves trading, teaching, collaborating and watching others succeed. I am amazed at the amount of time that he spends on his students. 

I subscribed to IBD and Stockbee at the same time. I ended up cancelling my subscription to IBD because Stockbee was so much more accurate and actionable. 

Trading is not easy and you will have to put in a lot of time. With Stockbee there is a process and a feedback loop with a master trader that will drastically shorten your timeline to becoming consistently profitable. 

This is the best money I have spent on my investing education by far.  Thank you!


Member feedback

Posted on 11/23/2019

I wish that I had found StockBee years ago. What you learn here is a methodology to hunt your own meal. You do not need to subscribe to subscriptions for finding the best stock picks. 

Pradeep's methodology fits both my styles - swing and day trading. He is very responsive on emails to all your questions and he also conducts webinar sessions. 

The "timeline" feature on his website keeps the chatter with other members clean and organized. I joined Pradeep's service and went to his Bootcamp and have turned profitable.  

But the most important thing is that I am learning to hunt for my own fish using the various techniques that Pradeep has taught. 

- Sai Srini

How to become a more profitable trader

Posted on 11/22/2019
Single best thing you can do to be profitable trader is to study big moves from the past and try and find similar stocks in current conditions.

If you go to the tab Stockbee 50 you will find data from mid 2014 for stocks that have made big moves. Study them for magnitude of move and characteristics of the move.

What should you study in these stocks

How many days the  move lasted

How much was the move on first day, second , third day and so on

Which scan would this stock show up on first day

How much % in 5 days, 25 days,  65 days, and 126 days.

How much in first leg , second leg

What was happening before this move.

How many days was the stock up before this move

Where did the move start from

What was the nature and duration of consolidation or pullback during this move

What scan would find that period

How can I trade a move like this , where should I enter, where to put stops, exit and so on.

A study like this will give you more insight than any other activity.

Try it if you want to improve your profitability. 

Study pre market winners KRTX

Posted on 11/18/2019
When a stock is up pre market on good volume , it usually is because of some kind of news. If you develop a methodology to study pre market news catalyst and enter based on that at open using Opening Price Guarantee or Market on Open order , you can find some big winners.

KRTX is an example of that today. The chart below is intraday chart. It was up big pre market based on drug study news.

As of this post it is up 245%.

This was one of the setups discussed in this weekends Stockbee Bootcamp attended by several readers of this blog. A complete methodology and process for finding and trading these kinds of setups was discussed.

If you want to make big money trading , develop these kind of explosive setups ideas. 

For Stockbee Swing Trading Bootcamp Participants

Posted on 11/14/2019

Stockbee Swing Trading Bootcamp

 November 16th and 17th 2019

Parking : Parking is free at venue. But you need to register your vehicle. Ask at reception and they will guide you on how to register your vehicles.

Breakfast and Lunch : Is part of the cost.

Laptop: Recommended with your trading software. Telechart is our preferred software.

Telechart Help: There will be sufficient help to setup your charts and scans. Besides me several Stockbee members will be in a position to help you setup this.

Extension Cord: Highly recommended for your computer
Time:  8:30 AM  to 5 PM Saturday Sunday 8:30 to 3 pm

Venue: Rutgers Inn 178 Ryders Ln, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Closest Airport Newark NJ. Closest Train Station is New Brunswick.

Methods and philosophy

Earnings surprises lead to big moves

Posted on 11/08/2019
Earnings season leads to big moves in stocks. If you know this you can make big money in short amount of time. Stocks make 8 to 40% moves if earnings is big surprise.
 DXCM is example of such stock. Stock was up almost 30% intraday post earnings. I bought 2000 shares on opening order for 185.29 and sold bulk of them between 199 to 200 to lock in profits some shares for swing move for  further gain. (DXCM was part of my  NTRT strategy. NTRT had performed very well this earnings season as number of stocks have had explosive move on earnings)

If you want to make money trading study earnings surprises. They lead to big moves.

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From last nights newsletter


Second Batch: motivated traders

If you are motivated to significantly improve your trading and have time to attend the zoom call 3 times a week, you can opt in to second batch of traders I will look at after the first batch last month.

Email with subject line Second Batch to be included.

Most calls will be conducted intraday between 11AM to 1 PM with few Youtube live sessions after close.

Those in first batch who want to attend second batch also will be also included.

Stockbee Swing Trading Bootcamp November 16th and 17th 
Get an extension cord for your laptop. Try and setup all Telechart scans. If you need help doing that email me.

Situational Awareness
More swings have started to work. Earnings breakouts working.

401 k update
401 k 100% invested

9 million volume

Top 25


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9 million volume
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