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Finding low risk trade using anticipation

My overriding objective is to find as many trades as possible with less than 2.5% risk. INGN fits into that category.

This was a trade that made $4300 for two day hold. (it may go up more but I exited due to my planned trip to India)

INGN showed up in Bullish Anticipation Scan on 11/21/2019. But as it was going sideways for many days I decided to put a price alert instead of buying the same day.

As you can see a 70 dollar price range stock with TI above 1.19 and up only 5 cents is what attracted me to this setup. When these setups show up it is like finding free money.
Stock was up 5 cents and high was 71.01 so I put alert at 71.25 for next day. Alert triggered in first few minutes and there was a bit of shakeout . After the shakeout the alert again triggered. I bought 1000 shares between 71.50 to 71.75 for average price of 71.62 with low of day as stop.
Stock closed near high and stop moved to breakeven . Yesterday stock kept going up. Once it crossed 76 it was more than 4 times my risk so sold 80% and moved stop to 76 which was promptly hit.
Bullish Anticipation Scan

I run this scan between 3.30PM to 3.55PM and buy good candidates in the last 2 minutes before close or put price alerts in Interactive Brokers.
Primarily this scan I use to find trades with less than 2.5% risk.

If you want to make boatload of money swing trading master setups like these. There are over 1000 opportunities like these in a year.


Neick said...

INGN - what signal was 11/21/2019? On the picture there is no green signal on this date?

Pradeep Bonde said...

The Anticipation scan signal is not plotted on chart. It was in the scan I shared in that post. That scan looks for stocks up or down less than 1% that have TI65 above 1.19