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From a member who did 200k today

Posted on 8/31/2020



Thanks for all your help and teachings.

I am ready to take jump from BL to BB.. :) .. though have a little bit of hesitation .. so looking for advice and direction.. 

Little bit about me..

I am an IT consultant and prior to COVID .. traveling to client sites every week

I have been trading over 5 years... losing money first few years with some some success last 2 years.. started with reading books.. O'Neil, Minervini etc.. 

Coming from Technology stock picked some leading stocks AAPL, TSLA, NVDA etc and made good money esp in 2019 and early 2020... I thought i knew everything to make money in stocks

Then COVID happened and life turned upside down.. I lost all the money i made in last year or so .. around 300K but got out when losses started to dip into my capital of ~250K

I was able to make the lost money and some more by jumping back in on the turn in April.

When i look back.. I got lucky... but COVID showed me i was not disciplined.. had no process and stop losses.. like i said i was a lucky winner

but that experience of losing all i made was life changing.. in a good was.. it gave me perspective and clarity on my knowledge of stock market

Then i found stockbee .. around May, June timeframe .. I AM SO GLAD I DID..

your teachings esp market structure has given me the confidence that i can navigate the stock market now.. 

More than the setups .. your meetings on mind clarity and also putting size has helped me immensely.. Thanks to your teachings.. i now have had 50K-100K days (unfortunately big loss days also primarily due to no stops).. today will be my first 200K day....but i don't feel like i got lucky today... .. i feel confident.. i know why i took a trade i know the setup and i know when to get out.

My account size has grown to 7 figures so i think i have enough capital to do this full time.. best of all i am enjoying it... i don't dread mondays.. i look forward to them

Stockbee Swing and Day Trading Trading Bootcamp


Stockbee Swing and Day Trading Trading Bootcamp

September 14, 15, 16,17 plus 2 follow up sessions in next two weeks post bootcamp.

Time : 6 pm to 9 PM Eastern time

Conducted on Zoom and recordings will be available.

Cost: Non members price $400 

pay to

email to confirm after payment


  1. Extracting money out of market using 4% , $ b/o, and LTB
  2. Extracting money out of market using Anticipation
  3. Extracting money out of market using Reversals
  4. Extracting money out of market using Top 25
  5. Extracting money out of market using 9 million b/o
  6. Extracting money out of market using NTRT/MTRT
  7. Extracting money out of market using Analyst Target raises
  8. Extracting money out of market using Strong structure and weak structure short
  9. Situational Awareness for Swing traders
  10. Day Trading Techniques
  11. Day Trading using stocks in play
  12. Day Trading using 3/300
  13. Day Trading using exhaustions
  14. Day Trading using fixed list stocks
  15. Day Trading using gaps

Member feedback after making 500k profits

Posted on 8/29/2020

 Hi Pradeep,

                I am very happy to write back to you in continuation of my previous email from July 4th    about recovering all my Losses  about 190k, Continuing to apply the strategies and models we discuss every day , “Trade the Pattern not the STOCK” and patiently waiting for the set up in day trading stocks helped me further to expand my gains. My portfolio gained another 50%  since July 2nd, Making close to 500k in profits  for the year. I never believed that it’s possible, slowly but surely I am gaining the confidence and started to understand dynamics of the market with your help. Further more not only your scans / strategies, I realized I was missing   mind clarity , How to cut losses, when to jump and when to be on the sidelines. The Market conditions helped a lot for me to achieve this, but your boot camp and daily summaries helped me a lot, I watch your “MIND Clarity”  video twice a week.


Your Latest inclusion of Marathon Runners , WP picks is a great addition to the existing tool kit we have in Stock bee.   I sincerely thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experience and making me a better trader and accumulate some wealth. I am eagerly waiting  to join million dollar club with my fellow Stock Bee members. 


Here is the screen shot of my account 2 different account  performance for this year 2020, and how  our boot camp contributed  to recover my losses.  Thank You EG  !!  and Stock Bee members for the Inputs and insights.

Learn how to find good trade on your own


Select trades from Working People Method

If you want to make money trading , learn the setups that can find you money. Learn how market works, how you can exploit the markets structural tendencies and how to scan for rades. How to enter , exit , and manage the trades. 

Even if you are working , you can make money using setups like these. Learning to find trades like these can build a lifelong financial future. 

The working people method is suitable for those who can not actively trade. It allows you to enter trade during consolidation. Here are some of the trades I recently showed members how to find on their own.

For aggressive and active traders there are lot more trade opportunities than these and you can find many swing trading and day trading setups we use on the Members site

GRWG earnings surprise leads to stock doubling in 4 days

Posted on 8/18/2020


GRWG had earnings announcement just few days ago . Stock had 100% earnings growth and 123% sales growth. It is relatively unknown stock with  low fund ownership prior to this surprise.

This was one of the stocks which showed up in my NTRT (Night Time is Right Time) and MTRT ( Morning Time is Right time) setup process. On members site we had extensive discussion on potential of this stock and how it can go up big. 

Stocks growth on day of breakout.

This is where you can find these kind of plays on earnings day after hours or before open.

Look at sales surprise. All this information is freely available on Zacks site. 

This is the last several quarters for this stock. These kind of revenue growth are normally found on big movers. 

Finding few stocks like these in a year and risking sufficiently on them can make you millions. All that you need for this is to setup a daily process flow to identify such stocks. 

If you are serious about making money trading learn this important concept and setup. 

I did 2 hour video explaining why some stocks make multi month or multi year moves and how you can find them early. 

Screening for growth stocks with explosive potential using Marketsmith

Posted on 8/13/2020

 These set of screens offer you number of possible ideas for growth stocks. These kind of screens I use for the Working People Newsletter to find stocks with explosive potential. 

Marketsmith Scans 

EP 100/19

EP Projected 50% EPS

EPS surprise 99% plus and growth 40% plus

Sales Growth 39% plus

Sales growth annual and quarter 39% plus

IBD Cream

IBD 29/29 EPS leaders Early Detection

IBD 909090 (for busy people run only this scan)

Mark Minervini Code 33

IBD funds increase

IBD funds Decrease

IPO 8 years Profitable



Three Year growth Stars (for Duration moves)

Five years growth star (for duration moves)

EPS Stars

Sales 100% plus

Sales Star