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Next 12 to 18 month will be very good period

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

The action today looks like bottom is in. It might take few weeks or months for market to get going and there may be retest but this definitely looks like end of the bearish move.

TQQQ and TNA are first choice in this kind of condition. For intraday trades I did AMZN, REGN , GOOG, TSLA, ABMD, LMT , BA , RTN, NVDA, BLK and it was raining money.

In initial bottoming process bottoming bounce dominate the action. You will see that today on thousands of stocks. Oversold stocks bounce back first.

In second phase the next bull move leaders start breaking out. As long as you use 4% b/o , $b/o, Low threshold b/o , and anticipation scans , all of them will show up in your scans. And if you follow the recommendations in Stockbee Newsletter you can profit from the next move.

Next 12 to 18 month will be very good period as deep corrections result in another bull move.

Probability is very high that 2019 the market will be up

Posted on 12/20/2018

Probability is very high that 2019 the market will be up . That is how markets work. It might take time to bottom but such extremely negative breadth historically has resolved in bull moves.

First phase of the move is always beaten stocks making bottom bounce. Especially if they are part of Index component. That is logical as indexes can not bounce unless component stocks bounce.

Many of these bounces are very explosive , with stocks making 20 to 25% moves in 3 to 5 days.

After the dust settles down a bit then later after few weeks the momentum stocks start breaking out.

Our job as traders is to exploit this opportunity.

Looking for "Bottom Bounce" (BB) setups

Incredibly easy day on short side yesterday. After a brief bounce attempt in the morning on Indexes (which I played with TNA and TQQQ and banked good money) , it was all downhill., offering tons of opportunities on short side.

Lots of stocks which were holding up well finally succumbed to selling . In fact my long anticipation list made better shorts than longs.

Today will be 3rd day of breakdown, it normally does not pay to short on 3rd day of breakdown. Let shorts get punished. In shorting you have to be ahead of the curve.

When market becomes extremely stretched to downside quick counter trend bounces of 3 to 5 days happen. We are approaching that kind of phase. More selling will be required probably before another bounce attempt.

Extreme selling results in short term bounces.  During such period "Bottom Bounce" (BB) setups work well. Especially on large Index component stocks. In the last bounce couple of weeks ago I made over 25k in AMZN, BA, and TNA bounce plays.

BA (Boeing)  is example of kind of setups that work in these bounces.

You will see many such setup during that 5 days bounce period in Indexes.

Some of the BB setups to track are highlighted in last nights Newsletter for Members. They work only if the indexes bounce big intraday. This is highly profitable setup during these sharp counter trend moves. BB is special situation setup that works best in extremely stretched market.

Shorts a galore

Posted on 12/17/2018

From last nights newsletter


Fresh breakdown in indexes and major stocks puts the recent bounce attempts 10/30, 11/26, and 12/11 under pressure.

I see more short setups and opportunities than long in this weeks scans.

Breadth still not as extreme as last time.

Some of the anticipation setups I am watching in case of market bounce . Unless the indexes have big bounce these setups are unlikely to work

One of the bottoming setup I an watching is NVDA

It was raining shorts on Friday. I have highlighted only few good ideas from over a list of 50 shorts I had shortlisted.

There are good number of short anticipation setups also in my watchlist for next week.