Mental framework or mental models drive our actions

In any field you have a mental model of how that field works.

Mental models are simplification of world arounds us and consists of our belief about how it works

Some traders have a menial model , everyone is out to screw them and manipulate their positions or stops

Some traders have a mental model, day traders never make money

Support and resistance is a simplistic mental model

Growth investing is a mental model

Value investing is mental models

Mental models are like religious beliefs , once you imbibed a mental model you get trapped in that thinking to avoid cognitive dissonance

Trading related mental model determine your trading style , timeframes, your profits.

Build an opportunistics , all weather , low drawdowns mental models for your trading


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Setup your trade factory today


Do you have a trade factory

I have a trade factory

Part of it produces 3 to 5 day long trades

Part of it produces 3 to 5 day short trades

Part of it is dedicated to Episodic Pivots to find larger magnitude trades.

The production varies based on Situational Awareness

I also have additional lines in factory for Day trading which I can activate at will.

Every tool, process, raw material to run the factory is in place.

Do you have a trade factory

Your trade factory may not be exactly like mine , but unless you have one , consistent profitability will be just a pipe dream

Setup your trade factory today