Setup plus Situational Awareness

 To be consistently profitable your need combination of setup plus Situational Awareness. From my morning Zoom call


Size is not an excuse once you have right setups


PCB commented on April 02, 2021

made almost 100k in 3 months using a 120k account which again was built from a 30k account last year. Most methods used TI30 , 3/300 and few $b swings and reversal swings on selective stocks. Given below is the top 10 stocks.

See what is possible. Account size is not constrain. You are the constrain.

Get on to winning team .

Fix your problems quickly. Go deep. Develop Mind Clarity. Make setups work for you.

If you can do that your life will be forever changed.


Euro Bootcamp feedback

 I am a newer member who purchased the European Bootcamp videos on-demand.

The best way I could describe the bootcamp is a structured curriculum that will guide you what you need to know to trade the setups using a methodical and scaffolded approach to developing your knowledge.

Just as you could learn much of what you would from a well-thought out college course at a library with thousands of books on a given subject (think the Guide section of the website), it is so much easier to learn the ideas from an instructor who is an expert on the subject matter and is able to piece together a curriculum of selected readings, discussions, and exercises that are delivered in a specific order to help you learn. The way the content is delivered allows you to understand why the setups are developed the way they are and the structural tendencies of the market that make them possible. Not only do you learn what to look for and how to trade the setups, but why they are effective over time.

The other piece is the ability to interact with Pradeep, which I didn't even get with the recorded sessions, but that would also help solidify your understanding, too. If you are unsure of any ideas, you can ask questions, but even on using the on-demand videos you are then able to ask better questions on the timeline because you have more context to your understanding.

In my mind, if you are serious about trading the setups mentioned on the site, the bootcamp is a nonnegotiable part of your progression. Absolutely worth the time and money.


Euro Bootcamp Videos For Purchase

As many of you have emailed me about this , you can buy them for same price as the bootcamp for non members $450 by sending money through paypal and mentioning Euro as subject.


jaybm12:15 PM Feb 15th 2021

Pradeep, your European Bootcamp was probably your finest Bootcamp till date. Very thorough coverage of all the concepts and understanding for short term swing trading. It's a pleasure to attend your Bootcamps. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks!

uptrend4311:53 AM Feb 15th 2021

Just attended the EU Bootcamp. Besides being an elite trader, Pradeep is an incredible presenter. There is so much insights I learned about these setups it's just mind-blowing. I highly recommend attending as many of these as your budget allows. I certainly plan to. Thanks again Pradeep for what you do.

whimsical12:28 PM Feb 15th 2021

Just want to say thank you to @EG for a fantastic Euro Bootcamp. It was informative, engaging and probably the best "course" in terms of execution and my enjoyment of it. And more than likely, it will be the best learning in my adult life. So, thank you.

Now, to get started!

I am a new member since Jan and definitely one of those people exhibiting 'trading problems' that require you to buy a ticket to China and bang your head on the Great Wall! Oh dear! Need to unlearn a lot of useless things and absorb (even some of) the learnings from the bootcamp.

Tomi12:29 PM Feb 15th 2021

European Bootcamp was my first as I joined Stockbee a month ago. I have watched hours of guided material, reading eg and member posts, setting up my platform and scans. I really like the methodology and Bootcamp put many things in perceptive and puzzled the pieces together. I have a way to go to internalize the content but I have more knowledge and clarity on how to proceed and how to operating my fast food joint. Thank you so much.

Masmiguel2:32 PM Feb 15th 2021

EG Thank you very much for this excellent Bootcamp!!.

It´s something that all traders (of any level) should attend sometime. It´s not only all the material and all the knowledge that you kindly share with us. For me, the mental support that it´s hearing you talk and the conviction with which you talk about making money is invaluable.

Thanks once again.

madant6:26 PM Feb 15th 2021

@EG. The European Bootcamp past three days was great!. You are a great teacher and your commitment to create better traders is amazing. I think there is something for everyone in these bootcamps including for folks who attended earlier. It was intense and boat load of information shared in just three days. few things really clicked (ex: don't wait for confirmations) during the sessions. Looking forward to your deep dive template. Thanks for taking time to explain mom burst and EPs. Work continues for rest of us who attended to make these setups work for us. Thanks again!

mcglastonbury97:04 PM Feb 15th 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the European boootcamp despite starting at 2am (San Francisco time) every day. I'm glad I decided to do the first bootcamp offered after enrolling with Stockbee. My advice to newbies is to do the first available bootcamp, even if it's offered on Timbuktu time! Pradeep is a wealth of knowledge and experience which he freely and fully shares. Can't wait to start using the methods and continuing my education on Stockbee.

dsr1:33 AM Feb 16th 2021

Thank you for being a truly outstanding mentor EG.I feel so lucky to attend your Boot Camp. I hope you know the priceless impact you are making in so many lives.

lukas114:57 AM Feb 16th 2021

Thank you @EG for the European Bootcamp, you are a Great and Humble Teacher ! It was the best money I spent for an education ever. If you are new, like me, I would suggest to attend it because after you finish it all the lingo and setups on the site become much clearer and you will have a clear path to your success.

Tee19855:13 AM Feb 16th 2021

Thank you @EG it’s my first Bootcamp I have attended, I felt like I was back at High school learning in class, You are a good Teacher and your unique methods of teaching just get straight in your mind. You are a good man that really wants to help others. We are all bless to be in Stockbee. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

chicknnoo5:22 AM Feb 16th 2021

EG - thanks again for the Euro Bootcamp which was excellent.

I have done three Bootcamps since joining in November and must say that each Bootcamp has given me more and more clarity and Aha moments than I would have ever thought possible. The devil is in the detail and going over the setups and processes never gets old.

The Bootcamps and daily calls have been game changing in a big way for me and my development as a trader.


Member feedback

 Hi Pradeep,

I've been on your site for a few weeks now and have gone through all the guide videos and now focusing on learning the core concepts from historical posts you've done, before really understanding why you trade those strategies. 

I'm starting to realize how much time, effort and skill you've put into trading and it's amazing how much you have shared. 

Over the last year I've joined a number of training sites to try learn how to trade and nothing comes close to your site. Your approach is logical and has really provided me with a path to take to learning how to trade. 

I just want to say thank you very much for what you've done at Stockbee, it truly is invaluable for people wanting to learn about the stock market and trading. 



The Difference Between Winners and Losers: Not Power and Speed, but Direction


If you do not have clear direction to your trading approach you are not going to go anywhere no matter how much effort you put in.

Have mind clarity about the direction, why , how , when and so on

Mind clarity is extremely important if you want to aggressively grow your account.

Mind clarity will allow you to the right direction and help you commit to a setup or style of trading.

If you select the direction as say momentum burst setup you will go somewhere

If you select the direction as say big volume b/o of 9 million plus you will go somewhere

Direction decision is most critical. And to reach direction decision you need to be clear in your mind as to why this direction is right direction.

Why I should not deviate from this direction.