Study different variations of same setups

Any setup idea has many variations.
A setup like anticipation can be 6 to 8 type of different setup with its own unique characteristics and risk reward and holding periods.
Beginner traders tend to think in simplistic terms and are constantly looking for "one right way" or "set of fixed rules". And get frustrated when they can not find it
But in reality there are many variation of any setup pattern.
Anticipation after a big gap up on news catalyst is one kind of a setup. It has different risk reward potential and in most cases is longer term swing trade. SFLY on 2/13/2018 will be example of that . and if you study hundreds of big earnings gaps you would find several of them. If you find that kind of anticipation setup it is not a few days hold , it could be multiple day or months hold. DDS VCEL today is example of that kind of setup.
IPO anticipation setups have different characteristics. They tend to form near recent lows post IPO. They tend to be more volatile setups compared to normal stocks with 6 month or year plus trade history. Look at PAGS on 2/14/2018. HMI on 3/1/18. Those can be very profitable if entered in anticipation. Many of them have lower than 100k liquidity on ants days.
High priced anticipation setups have very different risk reward profile. High priced to me is in two categories 39 to 100 dollars is one and 100 dollars plus is another. In this you can get best risk reward setups if it has less than 25 cents net change on ants day. Look at WEX on 12/14/17
like this there are many variations of ants....
If you are serious about making money trading ants study and document them.


Do not want to give out too many secrets...


How to setup MDT scans and charts

Stockbee MDT (Modified Double Trouble) is a longer term momentum indicator. It uses absolute momentum on 126 days timeframe to isolate strongest stocks in the market. MDT can also be used to rank stocks and find relative strength leaders. MDT is more suitable for finding longer duration trades.

MDT Bullish Scan


MDT Bearish Scan


MDT Sort column

MDT chart template Bullish

MDT Chart template Bearish

How to setup Trend Intensity scans and charts

Stockbee Trend intensity (TI) is a momentum indicator which tells you direction and strength of a trend. It allows you to find stocks with absolute momentum and rank them on momentum (or relative strength)

Bullish Trend Intensity 65 days (TI65 bullish)


Bearish Trend Intensity 65 days (TI65 bearish)


Bullish Trend Intensity 65 days Young (Young TI65 bullish)

avgc7/avgc65>=1.05and AVGC7.25 / AVGC65.25 <= 1.05

Trend Intensity 65 days (TI65) as column


Bullish Trend Intensity 65 days (TI65 bullish) Chart template

Bearish Trend Intensity 65 days (TI65 bullish) Chart template

Bullish Trend Intensity 65 days Young  ( Young TI65 bullish) Chart template

Trend Intensity is a powerful tool to make money in stock market. It allows you to focus on stocks with fastest momentum in the market.

By buying or selling fastest moving stocks you can amplify your returns.