From last nights newsletter dominated by shorts


Weak open .Let us see if we get BTFD.

Not much on long side from breakouts. AEM is a may be setup at best.

Anticipation has many ideas worth tracking if market has big bounce. AMRN remains worth watching. I also have longer list I am monitoring which I will post on weekend.

Follow through post breakout is an issue so many anticipation setups are only one day wonders.

As of now I am extremely selective on using BSLO orders.

AVGO is my best anticipation short idea as a fade of strength.

This is nicely setting up as short below this bear flag.

Same in DCI
Any breakdown here might be 5 to 10 points.

All above shorts are weak structure breakdowns

NIHD Biggest Winners of 2018

NIHD  is number four  ranked stock by YTD price % change ( after using Liquidity filter).  
It went up on speculation of merger and buyout. Has been loss making Lat American  telecom company.

HEAR Biggest Winners of 2018

Hear is number three ranked stock by YTD price % change ( after using Liquidity filter). It had good growth during the move. Move triggered by growth. Pre that multi year neglect. Float also low of 7.5 million. Reverse split before big rally.


TNDM Biggest Winners of 2018

TNDM  is number two ranked stock by YTD price % change ( after using Liquidity filter)

NFEC Biggest Winners of 2018

NFEC is number one ranked stock by YTD price % change ( after using Liquidity filter)

The best way to find biggest winners is by using momentum and momentum bursts.


I love Magnitude moves

Magnitude moves and duration moves

Magnitude moves are moves where stock make a very big move in short period of time. Magnitude and speed of the move is critical in these kind of moves.
Duration moves is when stock keeps going up for long period of time. But speed may not be very rapid.
Select which one you want to trade. Then you will have lot of clarity.
Traders thrive on magnitude and speed moves. By capturing hundreds of small timeframe magnitude moves traders can grow account rapidly.
Investors are looking for duration moves. Duration moves do not require frequent trading and can be bought and left to grow. So duration moves in individual stocks can last for years and investors who seat through those moves benefit . Duration moves are also more tax efficient.
Magnitude moves and duration moves need different approach to finding and trading. The criterias which might lead to magnitude moves are often very short term. Duration moves require different scanning and identification approach. They require higher skill.

By choice I only trade magnitude moves

TI30 is magnitude move strategy. The scan is designed to find magnitude move in first 30 minutes. You want to be in biggest and fastest mover in first 30 minutes. The TI scan for TI30 tries to identify those stocks very quickly. The underlying logic used for TI30 is to find magnitude move and not a duration move.
NTRT and MTRT is magnitude move setup. NTRT criteria use filters to try and identify situation where a stock is likely to make a big 50% plus move in a quarter or less based on earnings /growth catalyst or news catalyst.
Anticipation setup is magnitude move setup. It looks for a situation where volatility has contracted significantly and asny b/o from such stage is going to be explosive short term move.
4% and $ b/o swings are magnitude moves. They try and identify 3 to 5 days moves of 8 to 40% magnitude
The "mom" sorts are all designed to identify magnitude moves stocks.
Some of the newer setup ideas I have developed over the years like "Country in Trouble" Bottoming Anticipation setups , China , Brazil stocks and biotech stocks are all again setups for finding and trading magnitude moves.

My strategy is to find hundreds of magnitude moves in a year and use very close stop to make quick money. That coupled with use of leverage creates explosive results in short period of time.

All my research and efforts and tools I use are geared towards magnitude moves trading . I constantly research and network with other traders who trade magnitude moves. Over years there has been cumulative understanding of what drives magnitude moves and how to profit from them.
If you want to trade duration moves you will need different set of tools and market understanding . I have never applied myself seriously to finding duration moves.