You can make serious money trading

If you are serious about making serious money trading then there is lots of free information available for you on this site.

You can make money using any of the following setups:

Stockbee 4% breakout setup
Stockbee $ breakout
Stockbee Anticipation setup
Stockbee Episodic Pivots setup
Stockbee Trade Ideas Scans
IBD 85/85
IBD 100/19 scan
By just daily reading IBD and making notes
By just focusing on top 30 stocks by MDT or TI65
By trading Double Trouble for longer position trades
By fading extreme moves

When you decide you are going to be trading to make money , there are many ways to do it.

Lot of you are not making money because you just want to "try" trading . 
You do not have "tools" to trade
You do not do it as "organised" activity
You get "easily swayed " by any new setup idea
You are looking for "picks"
You are looking for "unicorn" which you can hold for long term.

Study what "most" active profitable traders do . And try and learn that game.

And when you decide you want to seriously make money trading , things will begin to happen.

half hearted attempts do not work.


Opportunity in first 30 minutes Part 2

Opportunity in first 30 minutes

Find stocks with extra ordinary momentum

As a trader you want to put your capital to work in situation where it will provide explosive returns in shortest possible time. If you can systematically identify and trade stocks with extra ordinary momentum you can quickly grow your account.

Stocks with extra ordinary momentum are for any given time frame the most under buy or sell pressure. During such periods they continuously make highs or lows. They have very little pullback as buyers are constantly buying them.

If you can identify such stocks early in their extra ordinary momentum phase then you can enter them with very close stops and become instantly profitable . Not only that but for your holding period the stock is going to move with rapid velocity and as a result you can make profit fast.

There are many ways to identify these stocks early and the exact parameters depend on software you use.

 These three stocks are example of stocks with extra ordinary momentum in last 3 to 4 months.

You can find similar high momentum situation intraday.

Find and trade stocks with extra ordinary momentum to grow your acount aggressively.