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Why it is easy for beginners with no baggage to become profitable faster.

Posted on 5/27/2021


Dear Stockbee family,

I would like to share my experience with you all.

I come with a technology-pharma background. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing in my last job. I came across Stockbee leadership boot camp through my husband and I joined the boot camp to help me brush up on my leadership skills.

December 2020: Just before attending the leadership boot camp, I learned a little bit about the Stockbee community and understood that Pradeep cultivates the traders. I was looking to make a career change and was looking at different opportunities and stock trading was something that allured to me as it had the possibility of flexible hours and being able to make money as well. I was very nervous as stock trading was completely alien to me and I had no exposure before. I had very limited knowledge and did not have any idea about charts or fundamentals or technical natures of stocks.

January 2021: After putting in lots of thoughts, I decided to quit my job in mid-January and adventure into the trading world. We only live once right J

February 2021: I started reviewing material from the Stockbee guide section right after my resignation. I attended all of the boot camps offered since January, performed deep dive on momentum burst and 4% b/o, try to understand the processes, timing, and edge around it. I attend all the meetings planned by Pradeep. This allows me to take advantage of his wealth of experience and knowledge that he shares with us daily. 

I enrolled for a TC2000 gold subscription for a year. I set up all the scans in TC2000 provided in the guide section. I set up a brokerage account in IB and ensured that I have funds available for trading. 

March 2021: I started trading hands-on 4% b/o with 10-15 shares depending on the share price in my actual account. I ensured to stay under $50 and not to go for higher-priced stocks. This allowed me to understand how trading tools work. I consistently followed Pradeep’s message and only traded 4% b/o. Initially, I was very slow and suffered from FOMO. I continue to tweaked my process and ensured that it works for me. I ended up gaining around 2K with an account size of 15K. 

During this time, I spoke with few Stockbee members with different backgrounds to help me motivate and keep going. I understood the process and gained confidence during this period.  If you guys are reading this, you know who you are, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me your valuable time and insights.

April-May 2021: After gaining some experience with tools and repeatedly follow the process in a real environment, it gave me the conviction to increase my share size. I increased share size from 10 to 100 and account size from 20K to 150K. I kept repeating the same process day in and day out for high-priced (FHP) stocks. I had good gains and losses due to the market conditions. I kept on top of the SA and tweaked my process every moment and I gained 20K in April and 10K in May until today. 

I have come to the Stockbee community with no Trading experience. I have never read any books or blogs on trading. Stockbee has many best-performing members and tons of material available. It’s been four months with the Stockbee community. I feel lucky that I met Pradeep and got the right advice, instead of having to do trials and errors.  Pradeep is very generous to us and gives us his honest opinion and guidance. I am only copying a readymade recipe from Pradeep along with my self-leadership skills which are working very well for me. It’s been an extremely satisfying experience with Stockbee.

Although, I am still very much new and have no idea what the future holds, I hope my story helps folks in a similar situation as myself. There are many folks here, whose performance I aspire to replicate and am working that I can become as good as them. 

Thank you,


You can make money this week

Posted on 5/24/2021

If you focus on setups instead of stocks

If you use swing setup

If you have right tools

If you have right scans

If you have process flow

If you target 8 to 20% move

If you can buy breakouts early

If you can use stops

If you can peel position in to profit

If you can sell in to strength

If you can use momentum burst setup

Get the training to be a profitable trader

Work on procedural memory to improve your trading

Posted on 5/19/2021


Procedural memory is memory about how to perform procedures.

We have as an adult thousands of procedural memory. We perform these processes without thinking.

Driving a car is about procedural memory. We drive effortlessly without thinking. We are not even conscious of the process unless something happens.

Shaving, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, cooking, and many other things are stored in brain as procedural memory where we can do them without thinking.

The day you realize trading success is about developing procedural memory specific to a setup or style of trading , you will be on path to success. You will do things that will enhance procedural memory.

Trading success is about developing expertise. When you try and develop expertise you train your procedural memory.

As a trader you need to develop a setup specific procedural memory. If you are trading 4% or $ b/o , you need to develop procedural memory specific to that setup.

Same way if you are going to trade anticipation setup and want to buy first viable setup on stock with momentum, you need to develop procedural memory about it.

Procedural memories are implicit memories. They allow us to lower cognitive load. They are learned intuitions.

Procedural memory is memory about how to do a process. It is stored in memory as one schema.

A process containing say 32 steps is not stored in memory as 32 discrete step but as one sequence of step. When performing that task the brain efficiently recalls all those steps simultaneously so you can do the task effortlessly.

Procedural memory helps free up the brain to do other things.

It frees the brain by reducing cognitive load. We have thousands of procedural memories developed over our lifetime. They make our life easy.

As a infant we have very few procedural memories but we quickly build them as we grow and they become part of us.

For example take a simple skill like swimming or brushing your teeth, it is a procedural memory once you develop it you can perform it without thinking or without focusing on a step by step sequence. But it takes us some time to develop.

Same is true of trading . If you read about trading or buy trading manual you will not develop procedural memory. You develop trading related procedural memory by doing actual trading . If you do a process thousands of time you develop procedural memory.

How many hours and tries are required to learn to swim or perform dance or gymnastic. It is same for trading.

If your setup is fast setup requiring fast entry and exit like say day trade , then procedural memory is even more important. You have to perform the task at speed without thinking too much.

New traders spend too little time developing procedural memory.

Before they can develop procedural memory they switch to new ideas and setup.

One day they ride bike for few hours struggle, next day do few hours of swimming and give up because water enters nose and ear, next day they try something new. In the process they do not have procedural memory for setup.

Stick with a setup for six months to a year to become good at it.

Procedural memory also allows us to do vast number of day to day tasks. Imagine if you had to learn to drive everyday, or learn to walk everyday. Life would be impossible without well developed procedural memory.

Same things happens in trading. As a trader you develop hundreds of procedural memories to make your trading effortless.

Where to enter, where to exit, where to abandon a setup without waiting for stops to hit, how to determine risk are all procedural memories developed through practice.

Finding anticipation setup is procedural memory. Once you develop it , you can quickly go through 400 to 500 stocks and identify those 5 to 6 good setups. No amount of instructions and manual can make you learn that skill unless you do it daily for say 90 to 100 days.

Most successful traders who survive the market for many years have developed a procedural memories specific to a style of trading or a setup.

They can instinctively trade those setups without thinking about individual processes or steps involved in that setup. They are not conscious of the steps.

A novice watching them trade many times do not understand their decisions. Many times they get out of a trade just before it hits a pothole or avoid certain trade that novice will take.

Lot of it is instinct developed as a result of procedural memory development. It is like a driver instinctively hitting breaks at sign of something on the road.

For discretionary trading it is all about procedural memory development on a specific setup.

If your efforts at training procedural memory to trade a setup or style are successful then you will become efficient in trading that style.

Once you learn a setup it become relatively easy to develop procedural memory on related style or setup.

But it is difficult to develop procedural memory on another instrument or style. That is why you will see many successful traders focus on very narrow niche in the market.

Some focus on growth investing , some focus on value, some on options, some on futures, some on currencies.

Within that they focus on very niche setup. Some trade say growth stock as swing trades, some trade them as position trades. These two setups require distinct procedural memories.

Most successful traders learn by trial and error that sticking to their setup is best because when they do it the procedural memory automatically kicks in.

As against that novice traders are ambitious, they want to trade as many setups as possible. They don't want to miss out on any style or instrument like option or futures. So they try and simultaneously develop procedural memory. That obviously leads to failure.

If we know that the key to discretionary trading success is procedural memory then why is it difficult to develop procedural memory?

To develop procedural memory you need highly structured environment.

When you learn to drive, it is done under structured environment. You learn it in step wise manner under close supervision. There is someone sitting next to you closely supervising every step and also ensures you don't get killed.

Every month you will see some young kid getting killed in car accident, and the reason is largely to do with lack of well developed procedural memory and bravado.

As against that much of learning to trade on your own is unstructured and unsupervised process unless you join a trading firm or a Wall Street trading house or bank.

You are your own instructor and you need to create your own structure and you need to give yourself correct feedback and you need to ensure you do not get killed by blowing up your account. And more importantly you need to persist for months in learning stage still it becomes effortless exercise.

If you want to develop trading procedural memory and make thousands or millions the first step is to put all your effort in developing procedural memory.

It is not about trying thing once, it is about the 500th attempt and the thousandth and three thousandth attempt that makes you effortless. That is what develop procedural memory. You can not do it in 15 days.

If you read the classic Wall Street books like How I made 2 million dollars in stock market by Darvas or Reminiscence of a Stock operator, you will see that much of the struggle depicted in those book is about trying to find a setup and a process and sticking to it.

Once Darvas found his setup and developed a process it was easy. In Livermore case he went from setup to setup and from day trading to position trading before making big money.

It is the same thing that happens on Stockbee site hundreds of novice join every year. Some give up in few months , those persist for months , six month, a year at some stage develop procedural memory and then they develop their own setups .

Some still stick around , because they find the environment enriching and motivating. They like learning from others and continue to improve.

Some become very good at particular style or time frame like day trading . They start their own site.

Some are scared of sharing their setup and secretive, they spend time talking in riddles. Some do not want to help others. But that is what makes the world interesting . Not everyone is motivated by helping others.

The Stockbee site fosters such ecosystem and survives the process as new traders bring in new ideas and new energy . And some old traders here take on mentor ship role to guide newcomers.

As a novice trader if you understand the role of procedural memory in trading you would approach the task differently. You will set process goals as against monetary goals.

You will focus on well developed setup idea with step by step instructions.

You will try and find someone to supervise your process and ensure you do not get killed during the earning process.

In most procedural memory development situation a apprentice model has shown to be most effective for learning.

When you attempt to develop procedural memory on your own, unless you are extremely motivated and driven (or the correct word according to psychologists is you have very high self efficacy beliefs) the task is difficult. That is why you will see few extremely motivated individuals make it in this field.

This is the reason most ordinary and less motivated traders fail before they can achieve profitability.

They blame markets or other things for it but in many cases the fault lies with failure to train procedural memory.

In order to develop procedural memory for any given time frame or style or set up first you need to start with well defined setup with clear step by step process led out with clear explanation for each step.

For example if you were to decide to trade a swing trade setup, you need clear well defined highly structured process that you can follow and master till you can do it on your own without supervision. That is why I and many other traders here repeatedly share processes, setup and repeat things till people get it.

That is why this site puts so much focus on becoming process oriented.

Develop process flow and develop procedural memory. Once you do that you are on your own.

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Profit from structural tendencies of stocks and markets

Posted on 5/18/2021


Find structural tendencies of stocks and markets

Structural tendencies are inherent ways in which stocks behave under certain circumstances.

The structural tendencies are created by the nature of the market, trading practices and interaction of market participants.

If you find a structural tendency then you can develop an edge around it.

While certain structural tendencies of market change , not everything changes.

Momentum Burst is a structural tendency of market. You can go back to market history and see that it existed since start of the markets. It is a significant structural phenomenon and you can build a big edge around it and with right money management techniques you can exploit it.

Mean reversion is a structural tendency of market and again an edge but is exploited by frequent traders.

PEADS is basic structural tendency of market and it can be exploited to find longer duration trades.

Range contraction is followed by range expansion is a structural tendency and has been around since markets started.

Momentum is a structural tendency and has been around since markets started.

Buyer and seller exhaustion is a structural tendency and has been around since markets started.

Look actively for structural edges in the market and build your methods around them.

If you do that you will have an enduring edge.

Build your trading around Structural nature of markets.

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Euro Bootcamp Videos For Purchase

Posted on 5/15/2021

Euro Bootcamp Videos For Purchase

As many of you have emailed me about this , you can buy them for same price as the bootcamp for non members $450 by sending money through paypal to and mentioning Euro as subject.

Topics Covered in 3 day bootcamp

  • Structural Tendencies of stock moves and how to extract money from them

  • Extracting money out of the market using 4% , $ b/o, and LTB

  • Extracting money out of the market using Anticipation

  • Extracting money out of the market using Reversals

  • Extracting money out of the market using Top 25 and Top 200

  • Extracting money out of the market using 9 million b/o

  • Extracting money out of the market using NTRT/MTRT

  • Extracting money out of the market using Analyst Target raises ANA3

  • Extracting money out of market using Strong structure and weak structure short

  • Situational Awareness for Swing traders

  • Visualization Techniques for improving performance

  • Organizing For profit (OLC) 

  • Developing Mind Clarity through Deep Dives

  • Working People Method

  • Find Free Money FFM as a trading way

Rated as best bootcamp so far by members who have attended multiple bootcamps 

In-depth look at all the setups and process. Full recording of recent Bootcamp.

Bootcamp Feedback

cemico3577:46 PM May 14th 2021

Bootcamps Rock!

Hello, I’m a relatively new member here, wanted to say Hi. I’ve been trading since the mid 90s off/on, but somewhat new to swing style of trading. I just completed the Euro bootcamp from mid February-2021. If anybody is new or on the fence of joining a bootcamp, either live or recorded, I can attest that they are FANTASTIC! @EG covers SO MUCH material, and the quality of the content FAR exceeds expectations! It is a MUST for any serious trader, including those just starting off, or anybody new to trading or trading swings, and I’m guessing a great review for those w/ said experience. I’ve already picked up the last bootcamp from April-2021, and am looking forward to the next live one. If you’re serious, join a live one, grab a recorded one, or both, you can’t go wrong.

 SamOZ 8:01 AM May 13th 2021

<u>Euro Bootcamp Feedforward:</u>

Hey guys!

I just finished a recording of the Euro bootcamp and I wanted to share my feedforward with the community and hopefully make some contribution in that sense.

Background - I joined this forum about a month back. I have traded on and off since 2008 (which is when I got out of uni and started working) and spent a whole lot of more time towards trading since the pandemic started - I started around May 2020, courtesy the 4 hours saved on commute. I do software so time has always been an issue.

I stumbled upon relative rotational momentum (RRM) strategy when I started in May last year - it made me some money but has its own drawbacks which I realized as I went along the journey - You can youtube what it is but essentially it is a very raw version of EG100.

Along the way I also came across the IBD/Marketsmith/CANSLIM camp including Minervini - I can talk more about that if anyone is interested (I have gained some perspective having read 10+ books and countless videos/interviews from the CANSLIM clan) - In short, I found cup with handles too theoretical to work with in real life - and Minervini's VCP makes sense but there are more nuances to that than what he reveals in his book (obviously!)

Anyway, I went back to RRM because I realized soon enough that momentum is where I wanted to be - And then I stumbled upon this forum. I finished all the videos in the guide section in perhaps the first week itself but because the information is spread over 10+ years, it is a hard thing to consume and classify the information in your head. I am a very 'structural learning' sort of person and I did not want to waste anymore time than absolutely necessary to have structured information presented to me. I have been asking a lot of questions and folks here suggested that the Euro bootcamp is the way to go because it is very structured.

Therefore, I would strongly suggest the following based on my few days in this community + having done 'pass 1' of the bootcamp-

  1. If you value time or structured learning, euro boot camp is for you. While all the information on this forum is equally valuable, it will take months IMO for you to be able to OLC around it.
  2. I have seen a lot of people (and this was me at one point as well) resist the idea of spending for learning/education towards trading - this bootcamp costs $300 - consider it as tuition fee at a university - or a monthly extravagant dinner - or consider it as 1/4th of the total money you will loose anyway if you try to trade without this structured information in your head. Its worth the investment - the assumption here of course being that we all believe that EG's strategies work - else why would you be here anyway?
  3. During the bootcamp's chat that is visible and even otherwise, I have seen a lot of people fret about Marketsmith subscription or TC2k subscription - again same logic as above - consider all this as fixed cost to your business - or just efficient tools needed to do the job right - all these are on a monthly basis and will put you maybe $250 out of pocket at the most - And you can cancel if a tool does not jive with you eventually - I have stopped fretting about all of this and started concentrating on making the trading process better - It just makes life easier - Since I am from software industry, the analogy I give myself is that would I rather code using the latest and greatest MAC or use a 2008 Pentium 3 instead? the answer is obvious to me I'd suggest that if you can, then you do the same. At worst, I will be out of pocket a couple of thousand $ and none of this would have worked - that's alright - from experience, not all startups work :)

In hindsight, I wish I would have joined this forum back in May 2020, done the bootcamp and would have hopefully made a whole lot more than the measly amount that I did. But the market has been in a downtrend - I went all cash on March 23rd (which is around when all the usual growth names stopped working) - and I am looking at this now as a good way to invest my time in learning since I am out of the market anyway.

Next for me is to do a 'pass 2' of the content at 1.75x playback speed and take notes and OLC the hell out of it - and hopefully it will all work out as planned :)

Those were my $0.02 - apologies if it is too much of a rant but I just think that putting things in context and giving a bit of a background helps.

Hope it helps in you making a decision!


 shareade 2:36 PM Apr 11th 2021

Commented on Tweet from mailmaninthesix (9:14 AM Apr 11th 2021)

Buy Euro Bootcamp and watch it 10 times

 Fozz 9:11 AM Apr 28th 2021

Commented on Tweet from SamOZ (9:09 AM Apr 28th 2021)

Euro boot camp is worth getting imo.

 alir 8:26 AM Mar 30th 2021

Commented on Tweet from cloudfido5 (12:11 AM Mar 30th 2021)

Highly recommended! I bought the Euro boot camp recordings. The content was excellent

 tinmants 8:13 AM Apr 9th 2021

Commented on Tweet from ChrisB (8:07 AM Apr 9th 2021)

Couldn't agree more. My second in six weeks after purchasing the Euro version earlier in March. I was only able to pop in and out of the live sessions this time due to other obligations, but have been catching up on the recordings late at night and early in the morning.

It is true everything in the bootcamps are available on the site, but the structure of the bootcamp will allow you to grow your learning at a rate that would otherwise be impossible on your own. I could not give the structure of the bootcamp a higher recommendation.

 paulrec 8:15 AM Apr 24th 2021

Commented on Tweet from ajrcgeneral (5:19 AM Apr 24th 2021)

Bootcamp, bootcamp, bootcamp.

I get that you may be hesitant. I was at first myself.

However, I assure you that you will find it worthwhile, and you might even find yourself recommending it to future newcomers.

There is simply no better way to take it all in quickly.

 eric010 10:21 AM Apr 11th 2021

Commented on Tweet from mailmaninthesix (9:14 AM Apr 11th 2021)

Guys- the absolute best way to get started is to buy one of the bootcamps - I just did the euro bootcamp from feb and it was amazing, tons of clarity and info- not only helps you figure out how to trade but also where you want to go...only problem is...there is so much incredible information you try to do too have to edit yourself down to a crawl walk run strategy

 gc527 12:44 PM Apr 11th 2021

Commented on Tweet from mailmaninthesix (9:14 AM Apr 11th 2021)

Folks, let me second what @eric010 mentions. For beginners, THE best way to turbo charge your learning is going through a bootcamp. It is extremely inexpensive for the structured learning you get. I have been here for quite a few years and I still got the EURO bootcamp. Why? Because, there are nuances you pick up that you glossed over! And for a beginner, this gives a methodical way to progress. And you can see the many type of setups that build on each other. Once you see the big picture, you can pick one setup based on your situation and focus deeply on it 100% before moving further. You can enhance it by searching and going through the video section that pertains to your focus area.

My $0.02!

 MPT 6:58 PM Apr 11th 2021

Commented on Tweet from tommyyayo (5:09 PM Apr 11th 2021)

The Bootcamp will not only speed up your learning curve, it'll give your a new perspective into trading. EG definitely presents his methods and notions in great form, I believe with open mindedness EG's steps are very powerful tools. These bootcamp's can definitely be rewatchable and I recommend taking notes of the bootcamp, if you rewatch any subject the notes will be great to have on the side to sort of "train" your brain and become familiar with the concepts.

I'm new too, but the biggest "tip" I can give is to be optimistic and open minded. Like EG says, make sure you practice and actually do what is taught. It's truly a trifecta, "Learn, Know, and Do" <-- the bootcamp will do part 1 and 2 if you allow it to, it can also make you comfortable with doing part 3.

Short answer: YES! GET THE BOOTCAMP and please consume the information and live it!!!!

Great Questions!

 JayBee 4:19 PM Jan 10th 2021

Commented on Tweet from magu007 (6:35 PM Jan 8th 2021)

Here is my whole hearted testimonial, along with my performance data for "before and after" my first bootcamp I attended.

Before I took the bootcamp, my (YTD) returns for 2020 till September was 50% (in 9 months).

After I attended the bootcamp, my returns just from October to December itself was 100% (in 3 months).

I would also like to share that as of last week I join the (1)million-dollar club (I was shooting for it by last Dec-31, but didn't want to pressure myself! It's just a date on a calendar!).

Again, BIG THANKS to EG for everything.

 Masmiguel 1:38 AM Mar 30th 2021

Commented on Tweet from cloudfido5 (12:11 AM Mar 30th 2021)

The Bootcamp is the best thing that you can do. If you can´t attend it in live, buy it. You have all that you need there and you´ll learn much faster.

jaybm12:15 PM Feb 15th 2021

Pradeep, your European Bootcamp was probably your finest Bootcamp till date. Very thorough coverage of all the concepts and understanding for short term swing trading. It's a pleasure to attend your Bootcamps. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks!

uptrend4311:53 AM Feb 15th 2021

Just attended the EU Bootcamp. Besides being an elite trader, Pradeep is an incredible presenter. There is so much insights I learned about these setups it's just mind-blowing. I highly recommend attending as many of these as your budget allows. I certainly plan to. Thanks again Pradeep for what you do.

whimsical12:28 PM Feb 15th 2021

Just want to say thank you to @EG for a fantastic Euro Bootcamp. It was informative, engaging and probably the best "course" in terms of execution and my enjoyment of it. And more than likely, it will be the best learning in my adult life. So, thank you.

Now, to get started!

I am a new member since Jan and definitely one of those people exhibiting 'trading problems' that require you to buy a ticket to China and bang your head on the Great Wall! Oh dear! Need to unlearn a lot of useless things and absorb (even some of) the learnings from the bootcamp.

Tomi12:29 PM Feb 15th 2021

European Bootcamp was my first as I joined Stockbee a month ago. I have watched hours of guided material, reading eg and member posts, setting up my platform and scans. I really like the methodology and Bootcamp put many things in perceptive and puzzled the pieces together. I have a way to go to internalize the content but I have more knowledge and clarity on how to proceed and how to operating my fast food joint. Thank you so much.

Masmiguel2:32 PM Feb 15th 2021

EG Thank you very much for this excellent Bootcamp!!.

It´s something that all traders (of any level) should attend sometime. It´s not only all the material and all the knowledge that you kindly share with us. For me, the mental support that it´s hearing you talk and the conviction with which you talk about making money is invaluable.

Thanks once again.

madant6:26 PM Feb 15th 2021

@EG. The European Bootcamp past three days was great!. You are a great teacher and your commitment to create better traders is amazing. I think there is something for everyone in these bootcamps including for folks who attended earlier. It was intense and boat load of information shared in just three days. few things really clicked (ex: don't wait for confirmations) during the sessions. Looking forward to your deep dive template. Thanks for taking time to explain mom burst and EPs. Work continues for rest of us who attended to make these setups work for us. Thanks again!

mcglastonbury97:04 PM Feb 15th 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the European boootcamp despite starting at 2am (San Francisco time) every day. I'm glad I decided to do the first bootcamp offered after enrolling with Stockbee. My advice to newbies is to do the first available bootcamp, even if it's offered on Timbuktu time! Pradeep is a wealth of knowledge and experience which he freely and fully shares. Can't wait to start using the methods and continuing my education on Stockbee.

dsr1:33 AM Feb 16th 2021

Thank you for being a truly outstanding mentor EG.I feel so lucky to attend your Boot Camp. I hope you know the priceless impact you are making in so many lives.

lukas114:57 AM Feb 16th 2021

Thank you @EG for the European Bootcamp, you are a Great and Humble Teacher ! It was the best money I spent for an education ever. If you are new, like me, I would suggest to attend it because after you finish it all the lingo and setups on the site become much clearer and you will have a clear path to your success.

Tee19855:13 AM Feb 16th 2021

Thank you @EG it’s my first Bootcamp I have attended, I felt like I was back at High school learning in class, You are a good Teacher and your unique methods of teaching just get straight in your mind. You are a good man that really wants to help others. We are all bless to be in Stockbee. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

chicknnoo5:22 AM Feb 16th 2021

EG - thanks again for the Euro Bootcamp which was excellent.

I have done three Bootcamps since joining in November and must say that each Bootcamp has given me more and more clarity and Aha moments than I would have ever thought possible. The devil is in the detail and going over the setups and processes never gets old.

The Bootcamps and daily calls have been game changing in a big way for me and my development as a trader.

vk_sb9:32 PM Mar 2nd 2021

I mentioned about the Feb boot camp in the morning calls-chat, sorry for repeating it here. Positing to help some of the new Stockbees or folks who need clarity on the methods.

I joined Stockbee a couple of months back (after making lot of trading mistakes). Before joining, some of my mistakes were:

  • No clear Situal awareness.
  • Many setups (wrote many indicators/strategies in Tradestation etc.,) - no Mind Clarity
  • Not executing on the plan - no procedural memory (because - step2 was bad)

After joining, in the beginning, I pretty much attended all EG's sessions. Quickly realized that, You will rarely, rarely find a true coach/mentor like Pradeep. And there are lot of seasoned folks who are willing to help you. 

As a new member, Initially you may feel overwhelmed with the methods/info. 

Pradeep conducts bootcamps (BC) periodically. I have attended 2 BCs (Jan - US and Feb -European). Both are very good, but I kind of liked Feb- European slightly better or I got even more mind clarity (on many things) after attending second one. These methods have lot of logic behind them, and Pradeep has a very good way of unfolding the logic. There will be lot of AHA AHA moments. (Repeat the videos a couple of times) After that, please do the deep dive. That is ALL :)

You can find the same topics covered in the BCs - in the videos section, but this approach will take time. If money is not an issue I would highly recommend taking the BCs (Feb-European).

I don't have those 3 problems that I mentioned above. And I have been consistently executing on the process and hitting singles with small position sizes. I will keep increasing the position sizes as I get better everyday.

(Note: I don't get any commissions and no one asked me to do that. just trying to help the new SBs