Why it is easy for beginners with no baggage to become profitable faster.


Dear Stockbee family,

I would like to share my experience with you all.

I come with a technology-pharma background. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing in my last job. I came across Stockbee leadership boot camp through my husband and I joined the boot camp to help me brush up on my leadership skills.

December 2020: Just before attending the leadership boot camp, I learned a little bit about the Stockbee community and understood that Pradeep cultivates the traders. I was looking to make a career change and was looking at different opportunities and stock trading was something that allured to me as it had the possibility of flexible hours and being able to make money as well. I was very nervous as stock trading was completely alien to me and I had no exposure before. I had very limited knowledge and did not have any idea about charts or fundamentals or technical natures of stocks.

January 2021: After putting in lots of thoughts, I decided to quit my job in mid-January and adventure into the trading world. We only live once right J

February 2021: I started reviewing material from the Stockbee guide section right after my resignation. I attended all of the boot camps offered since January, performed deep dive on momentum burst and 4% b/o, try to understand the processes, timing, and edge around it. I attend all the meetings planned by Pradeep. This allows me to take advantage of his wealth of experience and knowledge that he shares with us daily. 

I enrolled for a TC2000 gold subscription for a year. I set up all the scans in TC2000 provided in the guide section. I set up a brokerage account in IB and ensured that I have funds available for trading. 

March 2021: I started trading hands-on 4% b/o with 10-15 shares depending on the share price in my actual account. I ensured to stay under $50 and not to go for higher-priced stocks. This allowed me to understand how trading tools work. I consistently followed Pradeep’s message and only traded 4% b/o. Initially, I was very slow and suffered from FOMO. I continue to tweaked my process and ensured that it works for me. I ended up gaining around 2K with an account size of 15K. 

During this time, I spoke with few Stockbee members with different backgrounds to help me motivate and keep going. I understood the process and gained confidence during this period.  If you guys are reading this, you know who you are, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me your valuable time and insights.

April-May 2021: After gaining some experience with tools and repeatedly follow the process in a real environment, it gave me the conviction to increase my share size. I increased share size from 10 to 100 and account size from 20K to 150K. I kept repeating the same process day in and day out for high-priced (FHP) stocks. I had good gains and losses due to the market conditions. I kept on top of the SA and tweaked my process every moment and I gained 20K in April and 10K in May until today. 

I have come to the Stockbee community with no Trading experience. I have never read any books or blogs on trading. Stockbee has many best-performing members and tons of material available. It’s been four months with the Stockbee community. I feel lucky that I met Pradeep and got the right advice, instead of having to do trials and errors.  Pradeep is very generous to us and gives us his honest opinion and guidance. I am only copying a readymade recipe from Pradeep along with my self-leadership skills which are working very well for me. It’s been an extremely satisfying experience with Stockbee.

Although, I am still very much new and have no idea what the future holds, I hope my story helps folks in a similar situation as myself. There are many folks here, whose performance I aspire to replicate and am working that I can become as good as them. 

Thank you,


People new to trading have no pre conceived notions and lot of baggage from previous trading, so they can learn quickly if they can find profitable setup and process early. 

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