Trade Ideas scans for swing and intraday traders

Trade Ideas scans I use to find both swing and day trade candidates early. For those with the software here are the scans you can replicate. See my recent videos which show how I use this in my daily process flow.

Unless you are actively trading intraday I do not suggest use of Trade Ideas software. It is expensive and they keep raising the prices every six month. If you have small account, the software is not worth the high price.

Stocks with the most upside momentum (These tends to keep going )

The above scan is good for finding the powerful breakouts that often go on to make big moves during the rest of the day and for next 5 to 10 days

Stocks with the most downside momentum (These tends to keep going )

The above scan is good for finding the powerful breakdowns that often go on to make big moves during the rest of the day and for next 5 to 10 days

Up 3% or more with Earnings Today

This is scan to find Episodic Pivots candidates that breakout big on earnings day

Biggest Gainers

Biggest gainers for the day.

Biggest Losers

Biggest Losers for the day/



This has multiple strategies  combined in one window is very useful for quickly spotting a breakout or breakdown. It also is useful to indicate intraday buying and selling pressure. 


How to use the $ Breakout scan to make lots of dollars

How to use a simple Telechart scan to find 3 to 20 dollars moves for intraday trades or swing trades.

c-o>=.90 or o-c>=.90 and v>=100000


c closing price  today

o open price today

v volume today

Column used for sorting c-o

Works best on high priced stocks.

Once you understand how to use it , you can find 3 to 20 dollar moves in a day or week.

If you are serious about making money swing trading you can use simple scans to find low risk trades.


No need to panic if you are on the right side of the move

Market had been weak for months with breadth having steady deterioration. Last two months the  primary indicator was bearish and selling pressure on daily breadth reading was increasing . That was clear indication of weakening market.

If you are on right side of the market move , there is no panic just time to bank your short profits and wait for a dead cat bounce or capitulation kind bottom.

Having traded the market now for 15 years with no negative year , risk management and market timing is big part of my game plan. The objective of trading should be to keep your profits and not constantly climb back from holes. Proper market timing techniques and situational awareness skills can help you to be on right side of move and avoid periods like this.

At some stage all these kind of panics subside and market go up, if you have not lost money during periods like these then you are in good position to profit from the markets.

To survive and prosper for decades you need to have some kind of market timing model and on daily basis have Situational Awareness.


Market weakness not a surprise

Breadth was weak for weeks and market had struggled to improve breadth for months. Yesterday was  big down day in breadth . Readings of 500 plus on 4% are rare and indicate broad based selling.

Breadth can help you calibrate your approach to swing trading by giving you a roadmap to manage risk. Negative breadth readings tell you to be extremely selective on long side and tell you likelyhood of follow through will be low.

Extremely bullish or bearish breadth suggest turns. We are not yet at extreme readings so any counter trend rally will not likely stick and will be used by shorts to establish positions.


Breadth continues to be negative

Breadth on daily as well as quarterly time frame continues to show negative trend. A marginal improvement with a minor bounce in last 3-4 days is not sufficient for a sustained rally.

A range bound action in indexes is accompanied by steady deterioration of breadth. Stocks that had lead advance for last 3 to 4 years are slowly showing signs of distribution , a small number of stocks are holding up well.

A breadth thrust with big buy days can quickly change the picture but we have seen very tepid buying on recent attempts.

Implications of markets like this for swing traders is, you have to be cautious and very selective. Follow through on breakouts can be a problem. In markets like this you have to select your entries carefully and settle for smaller profit targets.