Once you get mind clarity profit flows in

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infidelspirit said...

Hi Pradeep,

I just read the chapter :

Appendix A: Strategies for Short-Term Traders
Trading Runaway Moves

Could you explain if this is possible to backtest on tradingview or some other software ?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Discretionary trading methods are hard to backtest. If you want to backtest look for mechanical methods.

Chad said...

I purchased a recording of your boot camp some time back. Recently, I logged back into Podia to watch more of it but it had disappeared. I emailed you but haven't heard back.

Dagg said...

Hello there

First thank you for your kind sharing of knowledge, much appreciated.
I have scanned stocks for the 4% breakout during the last two week and almost all selected stocks were not tradeable. What I mean, either there was not a good setup (choppy mkt) orthe up move was too large to enter the trade, or the up move has already happened so I missed the chance. Could you pls give me a hint on how to select stocks that are in the uptrend lately but are still in the consolidation (small range) so that I can prepare for the potential upomove.

Finaly I would love to hear your opinion about day trading forex, I have not been able to be profitable for a year, price jumps all over the place, and currency pairs change direction often so I realized too many stops to count. I have a feeling that tech analysis doesn't work at daytrading FX (for example many false breakouts etc). To my subjective opinion daytrading FX is not a good market to make money.