From a member who did 200k today



Thanks for all your help and teachings.

I am ready to take jump from BL to BB.. :) .. though have a little bit of hesitation .. so looking for advice and direction.. 

Little bit about me..

I am an IT consultant and prior to COVID .. traveling to client sites every week

I have been trading over 5 years... losing money first few years with some some success last 2 years.. started with reading books.. O'Neil, Minervini etc.. 

Coming from Technology stock picked some leading stocks AAPL, TSLA, NVDA etc and made good money esp in 2019 and early 2020... I thought i knew everything to make money in stocks

Then COVID happened and life turned upside down.. I lost all the money i made in last year or so .. around 300K but got out when losses started to dip into my capital of ~250K

I was able to make the lost money and some more by jumping back in on the turn in April.

When i look back.. I got lucky... but COVID showed me i was not disciplined.. had no process and stop losses.. like i said i was a lucky winner

but that experience of losing all i made was life changing.. in a good was.. it gave me perspective and clarity on my knowledge of stock market

Then i found stockbee .. around May, June timeframe .. I AM SO GLAD I DID..

your teachings esp market structure has given me the confidence that i can navigate the stock market now.. 

More than the setups .. your meetings on mind clarity and also putting size has helped me immensely.. Thanks to your teachings.. i now have had 50K-100K days (unfortunately big loss days also primarily due to no stops).. today will be my first 200K day....but i don't feel like i got lucky today... .. i feel confident.. i know why i took a trade i know the setup and i know when to get out.

My account size has grown to 7 figures so i think i have enough capital to do this full time.. best of all i am enjoying it... i don't dread mondays.. i look forward to them

If you want to take your trading to next level , attend the bootcamp. It goes in to details of my method. 

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