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Earnings surprises lead to big moves

Earnings season leads to big moves in stocks. If you know this you can make big money in short amount of time. Stocks make 8 to 40% moves if earnings is big surprise.
 DXCM is example of such stock. Stock was up almost 30% intraday post earnings. I bought 2000 shares on opening order for 185.29 and sold bulk of them between 199 to 200 to lock in profits some shares for swing move for  further gain. (DXCM was part of my  NTRT strategy. NTRT had performed very well this earnings season as number of stocks have had explosive move on earnings)

If you want to make money trading study earnings surprises. They lead to big moves.

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Pedro said...

Do you also have a sell order on entry? Or just let it pullback after the first 10 minutes, and let it (hopefully) come back to the morning high again to sell it?

Pradeep Bonde said...

most strong ones do not pullback. I had 200 as target in mind on this