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Member Feedback

Thank you Stockbee- 

  1. For your generosity - I can bet my paycheck that Stockbee is the only service that truly focus on sharing without any limitations - be it the methods, the scans, or information sharing within the Stockbee community 
  2. For your efforts - you truly care for your members to make money. How do I know? It’s from your aggressive and to the point mentorship. 
  3. For coming down to beginners level and understanding the difficulty that a beginners go through and providing feedback at our level
  4. For all the hourly webinars - they helped a lot to complete the feedback loop
  5. For the daily newsletters - so many money making ideas on the newsletter ; not only that it gives us ability to understand money generating ideas that we can replicate on our own
  6. For your daily motivational posts - there is ton of great info in those motivational posts 
  7. For your constant encouragement to do our own study and do our own work - day in and day out 
  8. For busting all the myths about traditional market beliefs and encourage us to think outside the box.
  9. For encouraging us to take profits when available and not sit there and dream about buying an island  

For a new trader debating if you should select Stockbee......ask yourself if you want stock picks from a guru or if you want a solid mentor/market wizard who will enable you to stand on your own feet and enable you to generate your own picks ? In other words, do you have the desire to learn how to fish on your own? If so, there is no other place than Stockbee 

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