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Episodic Pivots Analysis

Everyday this is the kind of EP analysis I do . This is first level analysis before researching few in detail.

DRYS | Catalyst: Sector Rally | Float: 19M | EPS Rtg: 90 | RS: 99

ESMC | Catalyst: Biotech/Drug Approval | Float: 6M | EPS Rtg: 59 | RS: 97
Escalon(R) Receives 510(k) Clearance from FDA for Distribution of TRILOGY(R) Analyzer

EXM | Catalyst: Sector Rally | Float: 15M | EPS Rtg: 84 | RS: 99
Margin 27%, ROE 12% Earnings growth 67%.

KLAC | Catalyst: Sector Rally | Float: 187M | EPS Rtg: 81 | RS: 80
Sector Snap: Chip Equipment Stocks Up

NVLS | Catalyst: Earnings Guidance Raise | Float: 125M | EPS Rtg: 89 | RS: 64
Novellus' outlook lifts chip-equipment stocks and The forecast pegs its bookings in the range of $316 million to $349 million
Margin 13%, ROE 12% Earnings growth 118%.

ACA | Catalyst: Misleading news story | Float: 37M | EPS Rtg: 70 | RS: 1
Dubious disclosure regarding exposure to subprime mortgages. Rebound from 7/13 Bearish EP

CIB | Catalyst: New Secondary| Float: | EPS Rtg: 72 | RS: 84
Bancolombia Sets ADS Offering at $33.25

EDO | Catalyst: New Contract | Float: 20M | EPS Rtg: 43 | RS: 91
EDO gets $210 million Pentagon contract

KEYS | Catalyst: Takeover, merger etc | Float: | EPS Rtg: 85 | RS: 81
LKQ to buy Keystone Automotive for $811 mln

LKQX | Catalyst: Takeover, merger etc | Float: | EPS Rtg: 92 | RS: 85
LKQ to buy Keystone Automotive for $811 mln

LRCX | Catalyst: Sector Rally | Float: | EPS Rtg: 98 | RS: 75
Tech Stocks: Chip-equipment stocks lead broad tech gains at close

LYO | Catalyst: Takeover, merger etc | Float: | EPS Rtg: 20 | RS: 96
Basell to Buy Lyondell for $12.1B

MOD | Catalyst: Sales Acceleration | Float: 32M | EPS Rtg: 33 | RS: 69
Modine 1Q Profit Slides 23 Percent but Modine Shares Rise on Guidance

MTLK | Catalyst: Sales Acceleration | Float: | EPS Rtg: | RS:
Metalink Receives First Production Order for 802.11n- WLANPlus From World-Class and Metalink and UR Announce Distribution Agreement to Provide Advanced 802.11n Home Networking Solutions in Europe and Metalink and Brilliant Technologies Company, a Division Company of MACNICA, Inc., Announce Distribution Agreement to Provide 802.11n Home Networking Solutions in Japan

PPP | Catalyst: Takeover, merger etc | Float: | EPS Rtg: 41 | RS: 75
Plains Acquires Pogo for $3.6B

PYX | Catalyst: Takeover, merger etc | Float: | EPS Rtg: | RS:

QEPC | Catalyst: Earnings Acceleration | Float: 2M | EPS Rtg: 59 | RS: 96
QEP Co. More Than Doubles 1Q Profit

RMKR | Catalyst: New Contract | Float: 17M | EPS Rtg: 45 | RS: 66
Rainmaker Expands Relationship with Global Software Client for Hosted Channel Contract Sales Program

ROH | Catalyst: Buyback | Float: 15M | EPS Rtg: 65 | RS: 73
Rohm & Haas & Big Buyback

STEC | Catalyst: Analyst Upgrade | Float: | EPS Rtg: 98 | RS: 65
STEC Shares Surge After Upgrade

WRNC | Catalyst: Addition to an Index | Float: | EPS Rtg: | RS:
S&P: Warnaco to replace Lear on S&P MidCap 400

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Semsons said...

based upone the charts a possible selection between the candidates would be

they look neglected or not rallies before the EP. Does it make sense this list?.

Another question. What's the percentage of portfolio you risk in each EP?.


Pradeep Bonde said...

Skytrader is based in Australia, so he may be sleeping now.

Her is how the % of portfolio to be invested is determined assuming a 100000 account size and risking 1%:.

Stop= 28.97 (tow days low prior to entry day)


Entry-stop= 33.03-28.97=4.06 (per share risk)

Total Equity= 100000

1% risk= 1000

1000/4.06= 246 share to buy

246*33.03= 8125

So 8%of the portfolio will be invested in this position, while the risk is 1%.
In actual practice I add a skid allowance to entry of around 50% of entry day range. This assumes you will not get the best entry but will get worst entry. That reduces further number of shares to buy.

Antonio said...

I just wondering how you get the IBD EPS and RS? Do you plug in the data yourself by reading the IBD paper? or is there a electronic version that can be downloaded to excel so that you can get the EPS/RS quick? thx

Pradeep Bonde said...

I use a software script to pull this information from IBD in to my software.