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Market Monitor

  • The dip buyers tried hard, very hard yesterday to put a meaningful rally together. Each attempt was followed by selling.
  • Numbers speak for themselves. Look at 65 days number, they continue to deteriorate. They are at 652/441 levels compared to 912/292 level and show no sign of stabilization as of now.
  • When enough selling happens and the month 50% plus figures start heading towards 5 then might be time to look at few buy opportunities.
  • All market tracking systems should be looked at as a part of larger trading framework. If your trade timings are in minutes, your perspective is different. But Market Monitor is primarily for intermediate term trading. The dip buyers in intra day frameworks are small moves chasers, looking for .2 and .3% moves, you should not get affected by their interpretations on market.
  • Volatile market conditions will continue and many of the breakouts will retrace, so I see not much point in chasing any breakouts at this stage. Things will change if I see 300 plus day on long side.


F. said...

This IS an intermediate term buy opportunity. Mark my words. We'll check back in 1 week and see if the indexes are whole % points higher or not.

Pradeep Bonde said...

That would reflect in Market Monitor also.

christmasfern said...

WRLS is first good earnings EP and my only trade currently as i bought this morning. WRLS has been born, the volume is very good.

Tom said...

Will the market monitor be maintained while you are on vacation?

Pradeep Bonde said...


mike said...

Pradeep, can you post when you think it is fairly "safe" to go back and start buying? how does one know if now is a buying opp or just the beginning of a knife that will fall much further?

appreciate your great work here!

Pradeep Bonde said...

Watch the 65 days bullish numbers, they will stabilize stop going down and revert.
Second thing to watch in 50% plus in month at levels around 3 or below, you know there are no more optimist in world.
Watch daily 4% plus breakout numbers. Any turn will be signaled by around 200 plus 4% breakout followed by 3-4 days of 150 plus numbers.