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Market Monitor

  • With up to down ratio of 122/88 it is mixed and frustrating market.
  • The stocks up in a month is at 21, showing pocket of momentum on upside. Along with the pocket of momentum to the upside there is growing pocket of stocks with downward momentum.
  • This kind of muddled action diminishes the chance of a move to downside developing. This still looks like a range bound trading.
  • Short term swing trading is preferred style for such environment. There is still money to be made on long side, if you are nimble.


ybn said...

The Earnings on Daily Graphs Online (from IBD) show the EPS for DGII is only up 25% and for HAL 28%. Where did you get the numbers in the spreadsheet?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Wall Street Journal
Different publications use different adjustments so numbers vary.
Daily Graph Online to best of my knowledge is batch processed so those numbers may or may not be latest.

Anonymous said...

CBST is up 5%+ in a day, when the majority of stocks are in the red zone. Some of you remember that it gapped big on earnings last Thursday and since then it declined several percents.