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Keep your nerves

As of now the numbers on 4% breakouts and breakdown I am looking at shows a ratio of 105/ 141. Yet another shakeout move which has not lead to the kind of follow through which normally indicates a down move. This will make the dip buyers bold. Plus if Apple provides the spark with its earnings and gaps up, the cash on sideline will jump in.

Under such circumstances keeping your nerves is critical. Unless you are a day trader the minute by minute gyration should not raise your blood pressure.In my scheme of things both earnings based methods and momentum methods work best after correction. So if I find market stabilizing, jumping in is not a problem. The well set trading conveyor belt churns out opportunities everyday. If one keeps ones nerves and protects capital, there are always opportunities in the market when the volatile phase subsides.


Tom said...

It would be very useful to know on the Earnings spreadsheet the exact date and timing of when earnings were released:

Before Market Open - BMO
After Market Close - AMC
During Trading Day - DTD

Its a pain to track down each one, but its essential in developing an analysis portfolio for performance tracking purposes.

I use Google Portfolios for simplicity, unlimited capacity and news and calendar links.

mrstrader said...

It is like you are a mind reader. Low blood pressure and nerves in check are just the order of the day as is flexibility in viewing the market condition.

Dan said...

Does the eps a year ago being under .05 per share impact your decisions at all? Do they get filtered out(Think i read somewhere where you look at .05 or greater for current qtr).

Are you getting any better performance with a stock that goes from .10 to .40 a share versus .01 to .15?

Currently, I just sort by float and take the one with the lowest float and most neglect.

Vishal said...

Tom, Ive started incorporating your suggestion, hopefully others can help fill in the blanks.

BTW AC=After Close & BO=Before Open on the spreadsheet



Pradeep Bonde said...

Add that info in separate column if you want, because the date will not be sortable.

I look at .05 or greater for current qtr. That is to avoid meaningless 100% like 1 cents becoming 2 or 3 cents.