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Interpreting What You Read about Market Action

One of the most insightful blogger and free of cognitive biases is Jeffrey A. Miller of A Dash Of Insight. He brings to his analysis keen sense of insight and in depth understanding of economics science. If you have not been reading his blog, I highly recommend you do so. Go through his old posts, where he demolishes the arguments made by bearish commentators. Unlike many popular bloggers who make pseudo intellectual arguments about core inflation, Fed Policy role, business cycle and many other economic issues without ever having any academic or formal training in economics, Miller brings in his understanding of these subject routed in his academic as well as policy roles.

In his latest post he offers a sound advise on how to interpret persuasive bearish commentary, which is in abundance on many popular investment blogs.

Interpreting What You Read about Market Action

One of the biggest traps for the smart investor or trader is the often persuasive commentary about recent market action.

When the Dow had a decline of over 1% last June, we highlighted this problem, calling it the biggest mistake of the individual investor. As background, readers should go back and look at that article, written when the Dow was under 11,000. The road was a little rocky for another month, but we all know how it turned out.


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Please forgive the out of context question, but I was wondering; I know you use Telechart and just wanted to know what package it is that allows for stock screening? Gold package? Platinum access? I like the way in which you scan with certain parameters and am looking into TC2007 and didn't want to get more than necessary to perform such scans. Thank you.

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Thanks for the kind words!

There is nothing like a little encouragement to keep a blogger writing -- especially when it comes from an astute observer.