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IBD 200

Pradeep Comment:

Skytrader trades the IBD 200 based system. He would be regularly posting his trade selections and comments on the stocks breaking out of the list and which stocks he is likely to pick from it for his trading. This will be daily post by Sky.

Skytrader is based in Australia, so timings are not always suitable for answering the questions. So factor that in to your expectations when you comment and expect a reply.

CRNT (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
JDAS (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)
RRST (Google Yahoo Earnings Chart)

Out of these 3, only JDAS qualifies for 10% plus weakness. However earnings report came out for this stock today. So no buyable candidates today.


freebird said...

Sometimes I get tripped up by references in your posts. I am very familiar with the IBD 200 system, but missed what you meant by "10% plus weakness" . . . could you clarify?

Also, any particular reason you dusted off the IBD 200 all of a sudden?

Thanks much

Semsons said...

Hi Pradeep,

just a silly question. What kind of stop-loss do you use?. A limit stop, or just a simple stop-loss?.

Pradeep Bonde said...

After one gets a list of 4% plus breakout, to select trades from that they are sorted by months price growth and only stocks which have a "trend pause" , meaning less than 10% growth in month are selected.
To do this you can use the scan
100 * (C1 - C22) / C22
and select stocks with less than 105 growth.

Simple stop loss