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Earnings Tracker Open thread

This thread is for collating information, opinion, strategies about earnings . Put your earnings news in comments and one of the volunteers will check and put it in the Earnings News spreadsheet.

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    shyamt said...


    Firstly, I thank you and appreciate you for all your efforts of posting such a very valuable information on this blogger. Its been a terrific wealth of knowledge for all traders and especially for beginner to intermediate traders like me. Hats off! for such a great work.

    What are your thoughts on CRNT. It has been doing pretty good for the past few months and is expected to bring up good earnings sometime next week.

    Thank you,

    Pradeep Bonde said...

    CRNT was earnings breakout last quarter. That quarter it was neglected. Now it has rallied in to earnings. Which indicates high probability of market pricing in earnings.

    Tom said...

    With 79.5% earnings and 61% sales y-o-y report ISRG is making a huge move today. I likec that even after the gap up, it made a 12pt move from its 10am pullback. This makes me think 2 things: 1. Lower the bar on earnings cut-off. 2. Maybe its more important to look at the quality/market interest in a stock rather than the raw % y-o-y change?

    Pradeep Bonde said...

    Once the concept is clear, you can trade whatever cut off you like.100% cut of is for convenience only.