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Skytrader Introduction

Like many people I am intrigued by the simplicity and complexity of the stock market. Jaded by the crash and burn tales of friends from speculative forays into the market it was not untill coming across the indisputable existance of anomalies like Post Earnings Announcement Drift and the Momentum Phenomena that I considered properly educating myself about stock selection methodologies and actually trading stocks based on these methodologies.

Unfortunately, before that, I was both lost in the technical analysis jungle and stuck in the tragic cycle of skimming from one trading 'school of thought' to another without internalizing the core concepts involved.

I would like to say that I have emerged from that jungle and consider the knowledge and insight provided on this blog to have been the critical factor in this process.

I do not claim to have any particular insight, or for that matter experience, when it comes to stock selection and trading. However any humble contribution is a result of someone applying themselves to absorbing the body of work on this blog and internalizing the paradigms that it is based on.

It is my hope that this will be of value to some of you who read this blog and are pursuing success in trading stocks.



markatkar said...
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Pradeep Bonde said...

Skytrader is one of the regular reader. He will be posting regularly while I disappear for a long vacation( July last week to August).

markatkar said...
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Mike Summers said...

Welcome skytrader, hope that you're every bit as insightful as pradeep...
pradeep or skytrader, I took another third off PENX yesterday on its way down... But I'm looking to add back on more shares at some point. Is PENX starting its post earnings flag that you mentioned , too early to tell?
How long does the flag usually last?
Judgeing by the action today, it looks like it may have just been a minor pull back similar to the ones that TNH tends to see.

JCTCF popped up big on on earnings .32c per share vs last years .24c per share but it's market cap is only 25M and it rarely trades above 100k although it did today Thoughts?