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Private and the public forum

One interesting side conversation as a result of my yesterday's post about " Where do new ideas come from", has been why do so many people email instead of posting comment. The ratio of comment poster to emailers is more than 1:2.

Some of the reason for that is lack of confidence, shyness, fear of losing face. Many traders I am in touch with have very good analytical skills and good ideas, but they lack the confidence to stand up for them and defend them. Some fear ridicule from others. Many females ( understandably ) are fearful of publicly participating in forums or blog comments.

As a result of this there are many people who send me daily market analysis of Episodic Pivots, IBD 200, Double Trouble or IBD 70 plus, with entry and exit points and complete catalyst analysis, but they don't want it to see the sunshine.

Then there are certain set of people who have mastered certain techniques and want them to remain below radar. There are others where we are developing a collaborative systems or software and for obvious reason, such things are best handled below radar.

Many others just need someone to talk to because they don't know anyone else in trading and their friends and BFs or GFs don't seem very much interested in what they are doing. So they just need sympathetic ear.

Sometime I wonder if there is a big business opportunity in lending people just sympathetic hearing. Everyday I go to gym and when I am on treadmill, I often have perfect strangers pouring out their hearts content. The only reason they do it, is most of the time I am one of the few people who does not have ipod or some other thing glued to the ear while exercising and I don't mind listening to someones life story.

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market operator said...

Was reading a paper that claims 90% of capital appreciation of the DJIA came when congress was out of session! I believe there's even a hedge fund out there that invests in this strategy. It makes some sense but is this a case of correlation as opposed to causation??