Sell Everything: Bloggers Turn Bullish

The Blogger sentiment poll has been attracting more attention , now that it has turned very bullish. I am sure stung by further criticism, the "prominent bloggers" will overwhelmingly vote bearish next time. Ticker Sense has officially distanced itself by dubbing it just a "fun" poll.

The drama surrounding the Ticker Sense Blogger Sentiment Poll continues to entertain us. As we noted last week, perma-bears have dominated the sentiment survey since its inception, fighting the ramp in the stock market through mid-June.

But the latest update to the survey shows an abrupt turnaround. The bears have shed their skin, turning into stock market bulls nearly overnight. Indeed, the survey now indicates record levels of optimism.

What gives?

Perhaps the participants have tweaked their algorithms. Or turned the Fed model on its head. Maybe momentum measures have gained an upper hand?

Under The Counter has more on the Blogger sentiment poll.

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Unknown said...

Let's not make this a witch hunt. I believe Tickersense has been pretty distanced from the get-go. I think I remember reading on that site they thought the poll would be a good contrarian indicator, and to a certain extent, they have been right.

Unknown said...

Here is your real reason for selling:
"Yen May Gain Before Minutes That Might Show Bias to Boost Rate"--Bloomberg