Role Change

Trading successfully and researching something are completely two different things. Transitioning from one role to another successfully is the key. Many times there is temptation to get too involved in research. Easy availability of software and tools also make this task easy. So temptation is to spend more time on research or keep tinkering. If you get caught in that role, your trading suffers. So I have clearly compartmentalized those two roles.

Many people have problem in role transition. I am in touch with some traders who are still fine tuning some of the ideas discussed here or researching other ideas. Many of them have the role transition problem. They are very successful in researching and developing and back testing ideas, but find it difficult to transition to trading the ideas successfully.

In organizational settings also you will find same things. Many people aspire for a role, but when they get it, they fail to perform in that role. Role transition is critical skill required if you want to go higher in hierarchy in organization. Same way role transition is the key in trading. Unless one is conscious of it, one can spend lot of time in roles not useful for trading.

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