Sometime back I talked about using market corrections and down turn to do research. A reader has asked me about what kind of research, I will list some of the things I am working on. But before that , it may not be a bad idea to lock in profits on your positions in to strength.

  • New version of Double Trouble, which gives very few daily signals and tracks only handful of stocks.
  • A modified entry and exit strategy for EPS 70 plus based on some of the examples from Mark Minervini site. See under Past Trades and Portfolio Holdings.
  • A new addition to Episodic Pivot based on number of breakouts in past 65 days.
  • A counter trend entry and exit strategy. I have been working on this for sometime and will be testing it.
  • A couple of value based strategies based on a new book I read recently.
  • Couple of short term swing trading systems, which are at various stages of development.
I keep researching things regularly, but unless a new idea substantially outperforms existing strategy , I seldom implement them. Over the years, I have researched most commercially available newsletters, methods, black boxes and some very esoteric ideas which are not in public domain. In my research files I have over 1700 different ideas which I have tested at various time. Most ideas are variation of few basic themes. Many times revisiting a idea after many days gives you a fresh perspective. Market corrections offer good time to focus on such things.


market operator said...

In your research have you come across any profitable methods for futures, commodities, or currencies? I believe trend following worked for sometime but John Henry's recent performance may show otherwise.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes. The commodities market is different, one needs slightly different methods.

Tim said...

Thanks for the link on past trades for Mark Minervini. I have used his and others ideas to help develop my style.