Magazine Cover Indicator

Remember this post from Feb 10, 2007, which highlighted the likelihood of likely increase in interest rates. Now everyone is turning their attention to interest rates.

Interest Rates are headed higher

Money is cheap. And some experts say it could stay that way for years. That's creating opportunity—and brand new risks

Higher interest rates may not be good for the markets.When everyone gets it and all sorts of explanations are offered for why interest rates are low and they will remain low, the probability of them going high is very high. The magazine cover indicator at work.


TorontoTrader said...

Where do you think the market is heading next week after the choppy last week and options volitality?

Pradeep Bonde said...

The "Market Monitor" will show next phase. Once you see Month figures approaching 5 time to buy. If you see 200 plus upside breakout , buy.