Apple Top- More Proof

Steve Jobs makes it to the cover of New York magazine. The story is not really bullish. But the Apple hype when stock is near all time high is too loud. If everyone is bullish, who is left to buy.


TorontoTrader said...

buy AAPL tomorrow, sell a day before / on day of Iphone release and make some easy money

Pradeep Bonde said...

There are no free lunches on Wall Street. When everyone gets convinced that it is safe till launch, probability of that happening diminishes.

TorontoTrader said...

Its not about free lunches on Wall street.. More about common sense ! But again what might appear common sense to one may appear too complicated to another. Since this post, AAPL has risen appx 15 % (in abt a months time), dare I say better than any confirmed buy recommendation here.

Call it analysis paralysis or simply a closed mind! Greatest minds/best teachers only undo themselves when they start having a closed mind and "I am always right / I know much more than others" attitude. Being a reader of this blog for some time new, I think thats where this blog is going.

Anyways, all the best with your trading and blogging. Learnt a few excellent things here, and might check in a few weeks later hoping to get the same qualitative content back.

Thanks !

Pradeep Bonde said...

Thanks. All the best