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Telechart Training CD- ROM

If anyone is interested I have 5 CD-ROMs of Telechart:
1 Winning Stock Selection Simplified
2 Finding and analyzing Stocks on your PC
3 Uncover Resilient Stocks in Today's Market
4 Interpreting MoneyStream
5 Scanning and sorting with MoneyStream

They retail for 39 USD each plus 5 USD shipping on Worden web site under Books and Video section. If you are interested in buying let me know. I will sell all five for USD 100 shipping included.



Art said...

I would like #'s 4 & 5 on the MoneyStream topics Paradeep.


Pradeep Bonde said...

Someone has already bought all five.

Krisampath said...

Hi Pradeep: I have the same cds and would like to sell them.anyone interested? Please send me an e-mail.

S said...

What is your email?

Krisampath said...