Trader-X quits blogging

Trader-X who inspired many day traders has stopped blogging. For short term traders his method offered a good template to develop strategy.

I have enjoyed "blogging" for a long time - even before it was known as "blogging". I did my thing on my own site for several years before moving to Blogger, and when I moved to Blogger my readership exploded. I am fortunate to have made a lot of friends through this medium, and I hope along the way I have helped a person or two.

I have seen many blogs come and go over the years, and I think it is time for me to go. Priorities change and life sometimes has a way of making you wonder what it is all about.

Maybe I will search for that answer, and if I ever find it I will come back and let you guys know.

I am leaving the blog up so anyone can reference it. Who knows, one day I may drop back by with a new post. Then again, maybe not.

You can always check out the great blogs on my Blogroll; I told Tom C. he should start his own and if he does he will contact some of the other bloggers to let you guys know where to find him.

I apologize for the abrupt ending - but then again, aren't all endings abrupt? Thanks to everyone for everything.


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