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A rare and very profitable signal is 4% plus breakout on Dow component stocks. If you buy a 4% breakout on Dow Jones 30 component stocks and hold over a year or more , in almost all cases you make money. In WMT case the breakout is happening after 4 years, very good chance that this will kick off a long multi month rally.

One needs to have wide stop to hold such position.


Art said...

Well I thought I had my spike system set up the way you describe a few weeks back. But my chart does not show that spike as yours does. I'm curious as to why. Too bad we dont have a search available for this fantastic blog. I'd like to go back and find your directions just to recheck them again. Dog gone if I can find it though .

Pradeep Bonde said...


Pradeep Bonde said...

The reason you may not see spike is because WMT has pulled back and no more up 4% plus.

Art said...

Thanks for the link. I"m going to check my settings out.