Long Term Sector Trends

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Sector Trends- Long Term

Metal Fabrication is new addition in top ten this week. The " Catalog and mail order" sector has dropped from the top 10.
Sector Trends Long Term Sector Trends Long Term

Internet Service Providers
Steel and Iron
Nonmetallic Mining &
Aluminum Trucks and other vehicles
Heavy Construction
Rubber and Plastics
Metal Fabrication
Agricultural Chemicals


walter said...


remember AMZN's most recent earnings and it seemed like everyone was calling it short after the huge gap up?

wasn't that in itself enough of a reason to buy?

was that an example of bias, subjectivity being substituted for empirical evidence (e.g., volume, earnings numbers [i am not sure if they were "that" good], etc).

know what i mean?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes. I was one who was skeptical of it. That is why trading is so much fun.

walter said...

many others, too, were skeptical...

i didn't know what to think.

ARUN's run has been impressive - among newish, IPO stocks, is there anything that stands out there that you can see that distinguishes it from other IPO stocks that pop and drop?

obviously a drop may be in ARUN's future. i have no position now, but would consider entering one on pullback to mid-high 17s and/or 16ish, depending...

walter said...

do you ever violate your own rules (e.g., price and/or temporal stop losses, etc.)?

walter said...

CRNT - good example of buying the breakout/episodic pivot

Pradeep Bonde said...

Recent IPO's (less than six month) which hold their first day price, that is don't go much below their first day price , tend to do best on breakouts.

Is my current position. I have been holding it since its Episodic Pivot and is up around 50% since then. I have pyramided in to it along the way.

Breaking Rules:
Happens often. But I don't dwell too much on past trades or missed opportunities.
Between the 4-5 methods I use there are so many opportunities on daily basis that missing one or two trades does not matter.
All you need is 15 to 20 big pyramidable trends in a year to make big money. Episodic Pivot keeps providing those kind of opportunities.
Getting stopped out does not bother me much , because even if I get stopped out number of times, few good trades make my quarter or year.
I have seen past trends my losses are in 1-2% range but my profitable trades are in 28% plus range so it seldom bothers me to take small and frequent losses.

Which was not the case in beginning year. Now I am more like machine which buys and sales with not much of emotions involved.

walter said...

i remember your call on CRNT - thats why I mentioned it... nice!

walter said...

DBTK is ipo at about 6-month mark perhaps setting up nice...

have you ever considered a blog post regarding building/pyramiding positions after initial entry?


Pradeep Bonde said...

There are many IPO's doing well currently.
Look at CEL, NGLS, CAVM, NCMI, ATN, EMU, CHIP, OMPI, TA, and so many more.