Business Week Investing Section

Recently Business Week has updated its Investing and Data section, which was closed for sometime. The new look has some decent new features.
  • Earlier it was one page format with lots of information crammed together. Now they have separate Tabs for each section and more information.
  • Earnings data also has estimated earnings
  • There has been considerable improvement in the Chart function. You can overlay earnings and many other things on the chart.
  • The charts also have many indicator add on options.
  • Significant improvements in graphics. All data has nice trend graphs at the end.
Overall a good up gradation of the old interface.


walter said...


how is coverage initiation as catalyst sustaining big moves or indicating something significant?

Pradeep Bonde said...


Pradeep Bonde said...

Analyst earnings estimate raise is go catalyst. Especially if bunch of analyst do it and the stock has had no run before that.

walter said...


you know what would be a cool tool for your blog?

a search tool should be developed that allows the user to enter a stock symbol and retrieve its "history" as to showing up on the various scans/lists you have put together.

from that, patterns of presence/absence, frequency, etc could be studied...

Pradeep Bonde said...

Objective of blog is to kill time while waiting for trades to set up and network with other successful traders.

To do something like what you suggest or even to offer some very good tools and software which I use in my own personal trading, I will have to do something like Kirkreport, a donation supported site. Because to do anything more elaborate one needs to have server access and there are ongoing cost associated with it.

I don't think many people want to pay for that kind of things.

Barry said...

Count me in if you are starting such a site.
I have also emailed you requesting personal mentoring and help in designing trading plan for me. I have been trading for over 7 years and profitable, but after going through the archives on you site, I think, I can improve my trading further with your help.

Unknown said...

You can do a basic seasrch now by entering the stock ticker in the search window at the top and pull up all articles where that stock is mentioned. For instance, TRCR first appeared on Jan. 20, 2007 and lists each time it was mentioned. I use the search tool frequently on Pradeep's blog.

walter said...


right, that is crude version of tool i had mind

Pradeep Bonde said...

If you set up Tc2007 properly, you can visually see past signals on all stocks, plus find out which list it was in. It can be excellent learning tool.