Market Monitor

  • A 200 plus breakout day has accelerated the three day rally. Expect strength to last for few days. Momentum feeds on itself and takes time to disappear.
  • We are back to where we started before the few days of correction. The 100% plus and 65 days numbers are almost back to where they were 10 days ago.
  • One of the very interesting feature of the rally so far has been, the strength in stocks with good fundamentals. The IBD kind of stocks have lead the rally and gone in to bases during correction. Few stocks are showing signs of top as yet. With next earning season fast approaching, we are set up for an interesting period. If market keeps rallying in to next earning season, then it will correct post earning. If it corrects for few weeks before earnings, that will be good sign.
  • The commodities stocks have broken out in recent weeks. Does that signal a slowing economy to you.
  • The small caps are dominating the scene in recent weeks, indicating further broadening of the move.
  • If you were following any of the methods like Episodic Pivots, IBD 200, or Double Trouble, you should have benefited very well from them. A few days of correction gives you very good opportunities in all these methods. The minor weakness witnessed 10 days or so ago, set us up for few days of good action.


dee said...

hi pradeep
you have not updated the list of stocks on market monitor
is there nothing or you are writting in the blog only
it is a great list thanks for all the effort

Pradeep Bonde said...

Those stock were from Double Trouble list, I would be writing about modified Double Trouble strategy sometime later.

Barry said...

I am up 27% in a month following two strategies on this blog.This is the best trading blog. Pradeep's method work.

I am just trading Episodic Pivots and IBD 200 and have religiously followed every single rule. Help from Pradeep has been exemplary. Every night, I have ran my trade and analysis through him before taking position.My two big winners were KMGB and SYNL.

I want to thank you for your infinite patience. Dude, you are the only person I have seen who can explain same thing ten times till I understand it. Plus you make them easy to understand, no wonder you are the "easyguru". Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Take my advise pick his brain if you want to be profitable. I spoke to him on phone and this guy knows his stuff. Man this guy has cracked the formula. Next trip to New Jersey, I want to visit him and spend some time with him.

Once again thanks for sharing.

Pradeep Bonde said...


Anonymous said...

"this guy knows his stuff. Man this guy has cracked the formula."

Pradeep IS the formula.