Market Monitor

  • Momentum is cyclical, so few days of strength has set up the market again for correction. We are moving in to zone where meaningful correction might be around the corner. Stocks down 25% or more in 65 days is fast approaching 200 levels.
  • DJ is taking a breather and it is Nasdaq and Small caps leading the way.
  • Rally continues to be characterized by sector rotation . Gold and Silver sector attracted lot of buy interest yesterday. If you keep an eye on the sector trends in the sidebar, you should be able to catch beginning of some new sector trends.
  • A very healthy sign in recent days has been breakout on number of good EPS stocks. Such stocks are institutional favorites and indicate broadening of rally.
  • Some stocks witnessing rapid action like AAPL are vulnerable to correction now.

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Barry said...

Excellent call on AAPL. Very good analysis. Market Monitor is very useful tool. One of the best blog I have come across on trading.