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Tradings Blogs of Interest - Part1

Five Percent Stocks
An interesting concept, to look for stock likely to make 5% move. Here is a well defined method and he keeps churning out winners.

A Dash of Insight
Much of the media debate about market is dominated by loud mouthed persistently wrong bears, who twist data to support their claims. This site debunks many of these kind of bears.

Afraid To Trade
A mix of swing trading strategies and investor education. Always has some though provoking things to say.

Alpha Trends
This blog has technical analysis presented in interesting video format on momentum stocks.

Aravind Suri
How do value investor find opportunities. Once in a while this writer gets excited about some stocks and then takes position.

A convenient aggregation of last few posts by some trading bloggers.


Marlyn Trades said...

Don't forget Notable Calls - I still think it is one of the best ones out there.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Yes, good blog for stocks with analyst coverage.