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Some books for sale

In order to make way for new books and as part of spring cleaning, I am getting rid off lots of books on trading. If anyone is interested the first lot has 5 books. All these are in good conditions and I have read them once. You can see the prices on Amazon (which I have indicated in bracket). So if you are interested do let me know. I will have around 50 more books for sale over the course of this week.

How I Trade for a Living by Gary Smith ($14)Free media mail shipping.
A good book about one traders journey from losses to consistent profit.

Techniques of Tape Reading By Vadym Graifer , Christopher Schumacher ($20)Free media mail shipping.
Primarily beneficial to day traders and short term traders.

The New Finance: Overreaction, Complexity and Uniqueness by Robert A. Haugen ($37)Free media mail shipping.
A demolition job of the efficient market hypothesis. Reading this book will give you many ideas to develop profitable concept. Not for average traders.

Trend Trading: Timing Market Tides by Kedrick Brown ($28) SOLD
Primarily focused on trend trading. Goes in to microscopic details on entries, exits and position managements. Excellent ideas on entries and exits.

The Investor's Edge by Gary Kaltbaum ($20)Free media mail shipping.
A modified CANSLIM trading approach. Primarily uses high volume breakouts to enter positions.


no_mas said...

Do you have any books for sale regarding changing mental models i.e. belief systems,trading and otherwise?? If not do you have any recommendations?

JAC1390 said...

A major problem facing traders, daytraders especially, is getting lost in a sea of scans. They look at too many scans and then become befuddled by the sheer number of possible candidates. Does the trader eliminate all candidates that are not in the “hot” sector or that require entry opposite the major markets trend? Traders have to have a very limited universe and very limited amount of indicators to confirm action. Without this type of position the trader is going to be lost in a sea of possible candidates without ever fishing and enjoying the “catch of the day”.
How do you recommend traders face the "over-kill" approach?

Pradeep Bonde said...

I have no experience with day trading. What I know from interacting with some very successful day traders is that they trade only one or two methods.