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Books for sale

More books from my collection for sale. More books on technical analysis might be on sale next week.

Fractals and Scaling In Finance
To read and understand this book you need a strong foundation in maths and statistics.
Contributes to the understanding of how speculative prices vary in time. Presents and tests three successful rules of variation, tackling fast change and long distribution tails, then long dependence in time and finally both features simultaneously.

Price: $28. Free Media Mail shipping

Profits in volume
Volume based charting is the central idea behind this book. Dick Arms is well known for his pioneering work on TRIN.
The land mark book on Equivolume Charting that described the methodology and its application for the first time-is available again. Presented in its original form, this is the classic that tied volume and price together, allowing investors to analyze not only the way in which a stock is moving, but the underlying pressures involved in that movement. And uniting volume and price into a single entry provides the investor with a unique view, unrealized in a traditional bar chart. This innovative technique was the outgrowth of Dick Arms' development of the widely known Arms Index, often referred to as the short term trading index(TRIN).. The Arms Index work led him to the realization of the importance of volume as an analysis tool. And this index is so important to investors that it is recapped daily in The Wall Street Journal, and weekly in Barrons's. It is also recalculated and displayed every minute on the CNBC ticker tape. Whether you're just learning about Equivolume Charting, hoping to get a more in depth look into Arm's famous technical tools, or searching for ways to profit from the driving forces of the market-Profits in Volume is a 'must have'book.

Price: $16. Free Media Mail shipping SOLD

A course in trading
A classic book. Technical analysis practitioners will find this book offering a great perspective on the early thinking in this field. This work was originally published in 1934 as a yearlong course in analysis and was a confidential document available only to subscribers and clients of the Wetsel Market Bureau.

Warning! This book contains material on Technical Analysis that is creative, a bit novel, and might open up new avenues of appreciation that there is a great deal more to the rigors of analysis than just some technical descriptions. Here I make special reference to what I would call "hidden knowledge," but which is not so hidden if one is alert to the possibility of it being there. Often this consists of technical applications hidden in the text that just escape the attention of many practitioners of Technical Analysis as they come to grips with what might be termed its scientific methodical approach. As it is so easy to be unaware of this fact, it is pointed out here that some of the great market masters had a method of presentation that was not uncommon in the technical literature provided by them during the time I call the "Golden Age of Market Literature, 1922 to 1957." It is apparent that these market writers felt it was quite in order for them to start by pointing the reader in the direction of the line of analytical thought or the technical tool they were presenting. This gave them the chance to explore the solid foundations of a particular technical methodology as a basis for what they had in mind. Then they were more than comfortable to leave it to the reader to use that basis to evolve analytical techniques and thinking. Certainly, the answers seldom come easily, and chart analysis is anything but easy; but sharp thinking plus unbridled creativity are an absolute must in advancing this technical area of endeavor. This Course by the Wetsel Market Bureau is a splendid example of that manner of presentation as it teaches individual techniques which, in turn, point the reader to the wider applications of the material presented. This material is typical of what has been referred to earlier - it is rich in ideas and techniques for the serious market student to take up, to experiment with, and to develop as good fortune dictates.

Price: $49. Free Media Mail shipping

In order to make way for new books and as part of spring cleaning, I am getting rid off lots of books on trading. If anyone is interested the first lot has 5 books. All these are in good conditions and I have read them once. You can see the prices on Amazon (which I have indicated in bracket). So if you are interested do let me know. I will have around 50 more books for sale over the course of this week.

How I Trade for a Living by Gary Smith ($14)Free media mail shipping. SOLD
A good book about one traders journey from losses to consistent profit.

Techniques of Tape Reading By Vadym Graifer , Christopher Schumacher ($20)Free media mail shipping.
Primarily beneficial to day traders and short term traders.

The New Finance: Overreaction, Complexity and Uniqueness by Robert A. Haugen ($37)Free media mail shipping.
A demolition job of the efficient market hypothesis. Reading this book will give you many ideas to develop profitable concept. Not for average traders.

Trend Trading: Timing Market Tides by Kedrick Brown ($28) SOLD
Primarily focused on trend trading. Goes in to microscopic details on entries, exits and position managements. Excellent ideas on entries and exits.

The Investor's Edge by Gary Kaltbaum ($20)Free media mail shipping.
A modified CANSLIM trading approach. Primarily uses high volume breakouts to enter positions.

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