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Sector Trends

I have added two sector trend lists in the sidebar. One of them is based on long term sector trend of a year, the shorter version is based on monthly trend. Telechart uses the Hemscott Industry Groups

Sector Long Term Trends
Top ten sectors.

Sectors Short Term Trends
Top ten sectors

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Eternum said...


How do you find/filter those sectors in TC? Do you use any PCFs and scans?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Using a 260 day and 21 day scans.

Art said...

Time for help with your scans once again please. In TC I sorted the Hemscott Ind. Grps by your 100% rise in 265days
100 * ((C + .01) - ( MINC260 + .01)) / (MINC260 + .01) >= 100

Well, Paradee, they were similar perhaps. If I took every other group on the top of my list it would be very comparable to your short term list. The other, every other ones, showed up in your long term list.

When you have time could you set us straight on the particular pcf's which you used to set up these two scans for?

And when we follow through with your scans and make 2 easy scans for short and long term scans (on the Hemscott Ind. Grps), how to set the condition types properly.

Thank You

The Sound said...

Typo - Tru(c)ks and Other Vehicles