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"I am hiring Goldman Sachs to consider strategic options."

"Strategic Options" are the golden words currently. Put them in your press release and watch your company share pop 10% plus. As soon as the press release hits the wire, there is frenzied buying.

I think lot of management is just playing the strategic options game. It is quick way to get your stock price up. I will be surprised if any of these companies exploring strategic options will actually end up being bought out. But currently like the .com mania phase, adding strategic options to your PR enhances your share price.

The rumors of strategic options are another good weapons to drive prices up. So someone builds a large position in stock and then spreads the rumor and bingo price go up. In last one month I have seen at least 100 companies issuing press release with strategic options as headline. These stocks gap up, but many just cling to that gain or give it up.


pestle said...


Have you ever studied how a Chandelier stop would work with your trading?

Pradeep Bonde said...

I am aware of Chandelier stops, but not used them.

sami said...

the magic words used to be "stock buyback"... all them boards would "authorize stock buybacks" and the price would pop... many never actually bought back a share.