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Market Monitor

  • Market made a feeble attempt at bounce late in the day.
  • The large caps were again outperforming small caps.
  • Metals and gold lead the down move.
  • Number of high flying stocks have a reversal today after long rallies.
  • But selling was well contained with just 98 stocks down 4% or more.
  • NASDAQ looks to be most in trouble.
  • DAR and PRGX were add to existing positions. Both had better entries earlier.
  • REDF has earnings due on 16 th.
  • Earning season is winding down and there is no clear catalyst to power the move upwards.
You can access the Market Monitor spreadsheet here.


dduck said...


I was wondering why you added DAR... I'm a beginner, but they haven't passed any of my scan or criteria. All I've read so far is your blog and (along with O'neil's book).


QUIKTDR said...

Thank you for your prompt response.

When you enter episodic pivots on chart do you place all bullish on middle pane and all bearish on bottom pane?

Pradeep Bonde said...

Because it is up 120% from 260 days low.

both in middle pane

QUIKTDR said...

You are putting all ten (5 bull and 5 bear) in middle pane?

It seems awfully congested!

QUIKTDR said...

I beg your pardon the indexes are the charts that are congested not individual stocks.

Pradeep Bonde said...

You will always have problem with high priced things like Index or GOOG, where EP produces many false positives.