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Market Monitor

  • Market moves in thrusts. 3-4 days of buying will probably be followed by few day of weakness.
  • Watch a nice trend developing in 50% plus in month. More than that see how many of the 50% plus in month had a Episodic Pivot in last 20 to 40 days which kicked off their rally.Most people's first reaction when a stock goes up 10% plus is to avoid it, well those are exactly the kind of stocks which make 50% move in a jiffy. What appears risky is most profitable, that is the reason few can trade the EP kind of methods. ENG, AMZN, CPY, WINN, GTI, VSR, TECUA, TBSI, JRCC, SIF, IDSA, AQNT, NGA, in total 13 out of 15 stocks in that list had Episodic Pivots in last one month or so.
  • After the May 10 , 252 down date the market has quickly recovered and made new highs on 65 days plus 100% plus. This is the reason buying dips in strong rallies, still they stop working is always a smart strategy.
  • Large caps seems to be now consolidating after a long run. Some large caps like LMT are actually showing rotation out of them. Small caps continue to show good action.
  • Month end effect will make the rally going possibly for some more time. But in the near term weakness is most probable course of action.

Later: Strugglers find creative ways to struggle

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