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Market monitor

  • The cash waiting on the sideline quickly grasped the one day dip.
  • The list of breakouts shows number of new set of stocks from China, oil and energy and metal sector breaking out.
  • There is a slow and stealthy sector rotation going on.
  • The China stocks suddenly finding such large volume smelled of some sort of asset allocation trade.
  • For years everyone including the New York Times, has painted a bleak scenario about budget deficit and trade gap. So today the front page story "Rising export putting dent in trade gap" shows how most of the time getting macro themes is so difficult.
  • GSF, SPN, and MR are three stocks worth keeping an eye on from the "Stocks in Focus" list. SPN was much better buy at around 32, when it had Episodic Pivot. So it is add on to existing positions. MR has earnings coming out today and if it surprises, it can make a big move in either direction.
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hottpotato said...

hi PD i was looking all over the net for the float on MR-could not find it-do you have access to that #also the still have not posted their news on until mkt close on earnings-est. are inline with forcast then company will stay same or still gap?

Pradeep Bonde said...

It is a foreign company so float figures are difficult to find, but it had 20 million float when it IPOed.
The earnings are after market close, so it can gap either way.

Pradeep Bonde said...

Current float is 60 million.

hottpotato said...

thank you-namaste-T

QUIKTDR said...

I was perusing your site and noticed the FRPT chart and was wondering whether there was a specific reason for the numbers in your various MACD's?

Also, when you compiled your charts did you put "all" of the episodic pivot numbers on the chart?

Pradeep Bonde said...

1 There was some years ago, a long discussion on 4 MACD on Telechart, triggered by a Worden note about 4macd by Robert Cummins. Then subsequently many people had suggested various settings of it. I don't use it, I did not find it very useful. You can see the 4macd logic here:
2 FRPT chart had all the Episodic Pivots till date as of the posting date. In Telechart, EP are plotted automatically once the formula are fed in.