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Market Monitor

  • If the sector rotation in to mid and small cap continues, this rally might have a long road ahead of it.
  • Also encouraging was the flow in to technology sector. But the 800 pound gorilla in tech sector, GOOG is stuck for many quarters. Might be worth keeping an eye on it. It is the "bell cow " in that sector.
  • At 200 plus breakout, it was still a mild buy pressure. It has been ages since we have not seen 300 plus 4% breakout.
  • Many times when sector rotation is happening, focusing on low relative strength with high earning helps. Such good earnings stocks typically breakout first in the sector.
  • One day does not make a trend, but if the trend in 65 days , 100% plus and 50% plus continues, we are in for a very profitable period in markets.

Later: How to find stocks with smooth trends


AJ said...


Many thanks for sharing your comments as always. About GOOG, I wonder if you look at the charts techncially? .. I think its just getting ready to make a wild move, either up or down. Do you see it?

Cheers, AJ

curt504 said...

I'm on pins and needles waiting for your posts on How to find trending stocks! :)

tnx curt

Pradeep Bonde said...

Finding trending stocks is easy. She wants smooth trending stocks. To find trend just use any variation of rate of change formula.