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UPDATE: Running a bit late today as there was a big accident on approach road to our house, shutting down traffic. I do not see any compelling earnings play barring WYNN, OSIS, TLEO. They are also not very exciting as some of them have rallied in to earnings.

  • Market is in holding pattern.
  • Volume is decreasing on advance, which is not a good sign
  • McClelan Oscillator has 3 declining peaks, indicating correction is close by or in works.
  • The 50% plus indicator is stuck below 10, indicating lack of individual stock level momentum.
  • Barring the large caps, rest of the stuff is not moving post breakout.
  • Current outlook, expect a few days of correction


markethumblesyou said...


What are the criteria involved in the selection of stocks appearing in the buy signal in your spreadsheet?

4% breakout
low float
low 65day growth
260day growth > 100 etc..


Pradeep Bonde said...

All those you mentioned.

Albert S. said...

Along with WYNN, you have HAYN, MDR, VOLC, OMPI, and NILE up at least over 3% in after hours trading and look to open strong.

The others I have on my list are AFSI, ECLG, HLEX, HLYS, AMT, AAWW, HGR, IIG, RTEC, SYKE, and TLEO which have made no moves since posting earnings. I personally like the first three and will wait to see how they open up.

Semsons said...

A question I've been always wondering is the following: there exist an oscillator/indicator/whatever particularly good to anticipate corrections?.

Amit said...

HAYN has turned out to be a nice earning play.

mrstrader said...

I agree. I bought it also because it was a new issue in a strong group. Wasn't sure until today that it would work (keep fingers crossed still)