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Market Monitor

  • The expected short squeeze arrived.
  • Looks like barring DJ all other index are forming a small range here and action will be choppy.
  • The volume and number of breakouts was low for the move to be meaningful. A 250 plus breakout would signal a week or two of strength.
  • The stocks down 25% or more in 65 days is climbing and at 371, indicating deterioration in strength.
  • The Dow Jones and large cap stocks continue to attract buyers.
  • The "Value Gang" is on buying spree, so obviously they feel the market is not overvalued, while the perma bears continue to insist that it is. Who is smarter?


rob said...

just found your site a few days ago...good stuff. i like the market monitor, but i have a suggestion - could you put the data into a graph to make it a little easier to see the trends? thanks for the work you do.

Pradeep Bonde said...

I am working on putting graph. It should be up and running in few days.