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Stockfetcher version of IBD 200

Last week I made a follow up post on IBD 200.
If you do not have access to IBD 200, because you live outside of USA , you can use a similar logic for your country market and look at top 200 to 300 stocks selected based on relative strength alone and you will get similar kind of stocks.

To do that use the following scan and take top 5% stock in it:
0.4 * (C * 100 / C65) + 0.2 * (C * 100 / C130) + 0.2 * (C * 100 / C195) + 0.2 * (C * 100 / C260)
The scan mimics IBD relative strength rating. You will also need to filter for liquidity and price by using filter like:
AVGC20 * AVGV20 >= 5000 AND C >= 5

In response to that couple of users of Stockfetcher have written asking for how to do this in Stockfetcher. I am not a user of Stockfetcher but I believe there are couple of readers who are. So you can comment on this attempt at trying to code the above formula in it.

I tried to revise my stockfetcher scan to better match your
TC2007 scan. What do you think about it?

Show stocks where close is above 5
and close is above close 130 days ago
and close is above close 260 days ago
set{a, close / close 65 days ago}
set{b, close / close 130 days ago}
set{c, close / close 195 days ago}
set{d, close / close 260 days ago}
set{e, 40 * a}
set{f, 20 * b}
set{g, 20 * c}
set{h, 20 * d}
set{i, e + f}
set{j, g + h}
set{k, i + j}
and add column k
and sort column 5 descending
and add column a
and add column b

I also try to add following lines sometimes to bring liquidity
into the picture.

set{adval, INDPOSITION(accumulation distribution, 60) * 100 }
and adval has been above 50 during the last 1 month

And once again thank you for taking time to read my e-mails.


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