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Excellent Industry Analysis

If you are a member of Investors Business Daily, then you will find this very useful. In the IBD forums, there is a user by the handle "rds1955". He or she posts a weekly Industry Group spreadsheet in zip file format under the "Industry Group Moment" discussion topic.

It contains group moments and how it has evolved over a period of year. It is color coded ( which the Google Spreadsheet does not show), so at one glance you get a view of the sector trends.

After couple of members requested for IBD 200, recently it has also been included in the file. So if you want to avoid typing in the list, you can take it from here. It is delayed as this spreadsheet file is posted on Saturday, but that should not make much difference.

You can see the spreadsheet on Google Docs here.

Note: If you are reading this in RSS feed format, in most readers the embedded spreadsheet does not show up.


semsons.group said...

quite good the spread. Is there a way to download it?. Thanks.

mrstrader said...

Thanks for the list, data base is all important. Do you or anyone else have a place that lists companies coming out of bankruptcy? MIR, NTRI were in that category but I do not have a place that readily lists them. Thanks

Art said...

FWIW! I download this spreadsheet on a weekly basis and have found it to be a highlight of my week in preparing for the next. rds even added, in his spreadsheet, as was mentioned, the IBD200, and on the far right column you who are e-IBD members, will see a Y meaning the new additions for this particular week. For those of us who follow "The Paradeep Way", that list can be most useful.

IBD subscribers can find this weeks download at http://www.investors.com/idealbb/view.asp?topicID=16677
You will know how to arrive there I am sure.

Robert said...

Wow! I've become famous!!

Glad you appreciate the work! This list is compiled on a weekly basis containg the last consecutive 12 weeks of both industry group Rank# (Place Movement) and Relative Strength, indicating their week-to-week movements according to IBD catagorizes their Industry Groups. Included also are the Industry Group "New Highs" for the week & It also contains some accumulated weekly market data from Morningstar, Barcharts.com, Reuters,MSN Money, and Briefing.com.
I've been compiling it since last Oct. and those Zip files are posted in the Forum thread all the way back to that date..
It is a very useful tool in looking for those Industry groups which are moving upwards, and gives one a more clearer perspective on stocks to look for in their purchasing strategies..

Thanks for the Plug!

Pradeep Bonde said...

Thanks for the effort you put in in compiling it. It is very useful.

JR said...

wow... this one takes a whle to really absorb... great work.
Two things:
1 - You might want to put a link or two back to the originator/author of this spreadsheet so credit is properly attributed when someone grabs just the link to the spreadsheet... It's easy to do - just put a valid URL in one of the visible (top left?) cells...
Great work - to both Robert and StockBee...
2 - to get an xls version from here, just add &output=xls to the URL of the spreadsheet that stockbee published...

Pradeep Bonde said...

For some strange reason, blogger is not allowing editing of some posts with link. The post just vanishes the moment I put in link to IBD forum, which is the original source of the spreadsheet.

walter said...

this reminds me a lot of the prophet.net tool:


Pradeep Bonde said...

Has the best sector sorting, very similar.

garytt said...

Thanks to Pradeep and Robert. I have trouble picking up the Thurs. copy of IBD with the IBD200. This is all great information to help with my shopping list.

volstreet said...

Many thanks for the IBD 200. Do you
know if anyone puts up the 85-85 that
comes ou on friday. Vol

skytrader said...

For those that have access to IBD Forums, you may be interested to know that rds1955 has resumed posting the spreadsheet which contains the IBD Top 200 Composite Stocks list.