When a market makes a high

When a market makes a all time high there are winners and losers. If you have researched the market and believe in scientific research, there is enough evidence to show that stocks have outperformed all other forms of investments.

One of the best book which can give you a very clear perspective on long term stock market returns is Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns. The book details research across countries to conclude stocks are best investment. The other good book on this subject is by Jeremy Siegel , Stocks for the Long Run which clearly shows the best investment is stocks.

The only people who do not have these kind of perspective are permabears who are carping about the high on Dow Jones. These gurus were sitting in cash for last year and advising their followers to do same. Whoever followed their advise today will obviously be finding all kinds of faults with the rally.

If you want to follow a guru at least you should follow a bullish guru. There is overwhelming statistical evidence on their side. That is if you want to make money in the market.

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