Consuming negativity

A reader has asked what does I think of Nouriel Roubini's call expecting S&P to fall by 28%.

I would love it. If market falls by that much there will be tremendous opportunities after that. I will literally load up the truck if it happens. The best money I have made so far has been after the market bottomed after the two year protracted fall. After a fall like that all those who have to be out of market are out. It will be followed by a roaring rally. That is how the markets always behave.

If you are following any risk management strategy, you are not going to be sitting there while market falls 28%. At least I would not be.

On a more serious note , everyday I read many newspapers and go through many blogs on markets as well as on other topics. The one constant is negativity. No matter what the issue is whether economy, politics, environment, or social issue, the most popular blogs and media are negative. I guess on a given day 75% of what I read is negative, pessimistic and full of scary scenarios. Do I believe in that? No.

When I want my blog to become popular I will start writing about negative stories and tell people to hide their money under mattress ;-)

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